Predicted to be a leading kitchen trend for 2018, using gray in your kitchen is anything but boring. One of the stars of the neutral color scheme, gray is a shade that is leading the way for cool and moody tones. In fact, gray is even whispered to be the new white when it comes to interior design. Gray upstaging white? Gasp! Shock! Surprise!

Gray will pair with just about anything, making it the perfect shade to add to any kitchen that needs a touch of cool. While classic white kitchen cabinets will always be in style, gray cabinets will pair just as easily with a variety of shades and tones. Pair with metallic cabinet hardware in either a polished or antique finish, or pair with a creative backsplash in bright colors or a classic subway tile.

Are those white walls in your kitchen making you feel lost in the clouds? Paint walls in shades of gray for an added contrast that is never overwhelming or cloying. Pair with marble countertops or wood finishes ranging from dark to light, then adding in a colorful appliance or an appliance trimmed in sophisticated metallics. With all the shades of gray available for your kitchen, gray can work for any space.

Gray is here to stay. Here are 6 Shades of Gray for a Kitchen That is Anything but Boring.


1.) Dove Gray

Dove gray is on the lighter end of the gray spectrum, resembling a foggy morning sky or (you guessed it!) the delicate wings of a dove. This gray compliments both light and dark colors, making it an easy transitional shade if you want a light and airy kitchen that isn't overwhelmingly white. Paint cabinets in dove gray and pair with a complex backsplash tile, or pair with a colorful appliance for an unexpected contrast. Dove gray also looks particularly elegant with marble or wooden countertops, then paired with cabinet hardware in silver or gold.

Big Chill Original Retro Refrigerator in Orange with Dove Gray Cabinets


2.) Blue-Gray

For a touch of the moody blues, Blue-Gray is a colorful compromise that will satisfy even the most neutral of palettes. Blue-gray looks particularly elegant when painted on kitchen cabinets and paired with metallic accents in tones like nickel or gold. Pair with a complex floor tile in either light or dark colors or pair with a classic hardwood floor. This moody shade of gray creates a cooling haven that feels like a stormy morning on the coast.


3.) Green-Gray

For a shade of gray that brings in the tones of nature, green-gray is a nuanced compromise for those who like just a hint of color in a mostly neutral shade. Green-gray creates a calming atmosphere in your kitchen, especially when paired with coordinating tones like white, tan, dove gray, or brown.


4.) Greige

Ah, greige. That perfect shade of gray and beige. The marriage of these two neutral colors is welcomed with open arms in the world of kitchen design. Greige creates the perfect canvas for a variety of colors and patterns or looks elegant on its own when coordinated with neutral tones.


5.) Charcoal Gray

Like dark and mysterious smoke, charcoal gray is the perfect shade for those who want the moodiness of black with just a touch of cloudiness. Charcoal gray sets an easy design canvas in your kitchen, pairing well with both colorful and neutral tones. Pair charcoal gray with seafoam green, orange, navy blue, or sky blue for a pop of color and contrast that is both elegant and unique.

Big Chill Pro Refrigerator and 30" Stove in Slate with Charcoal Cabinets and Seafoam Backsplash Tile

Big Chill 36" Pro Stove in Slate with Charcoal Cabinets and Colorful Backsplash Tile


6.) Elephant Gray

Who doesn't love elephants? This shade of gray is cool toned and natural, guaranteed to look elegant in any kitchen of any size. Elephant gray can be painted on walls for a cooling effect, or painted on kitchen cabinets and paired with marble or dark wooden countertops. Pair with a subway tile backsplash for a classic combination, or pair with an eye-catching backsplash in bright colors or metallic tones.

Big Chill Retro Original Refrigerator, 30" Stove, and Bungalow Hood in Orange with Elephant Gray Cabinets


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