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Color Spotlight: Pale Green Kitchen Appliances | Big Chill

The kitchen is a welcomed space for the color green, being the space in the home where we nourish and refresh on a daily basis. Shades of green are revitalizing, symbolic of new beginnings and a representation of nature’s refreshing qualities. Using green in your kitchen can uplift you on even the darkest of days, evoking the first days of spring when nature’s greens are restored, revived, and renewed.

Green is nature’s neutral. Symbolic of nature, the color green is said to signal us to take a deep breath, reinvigorate, and oxygenate. Similar to a sage green shade, Pale Green #6021, one of Big Chill’s custom color options, invites the colors of nature into your home, creating a grounding and refreshing foundation in which to nourish. A muted yet eye-catching green, Pale Green coordinates with a variety of tones and textures for a sophisticated addition to your kitchen.

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Big Chill Retro Slim Refrigerator
Retro Slim Refrigerator in custom color #6021 Pale Green

Big Chill Pale Green Appliances


The Qualities of Green

Green is known for its grounding and healing qualities, being the color of oxygen in nature as the plants and trees who help circulate the air. Aesthetically, green is more than a timeless color in which to decorate your home or space. In the presence of the color green, your body often creates a healthy response, with more relaxed muscles and decreased stress levels. In short, a muted-shade like Pale Green is calming, stress-relieving, and invigorating in any space or setting.

Big Chill 30 Retro Stove
30″ Retro Stove

Big Chill Pale Green Appliances


Pale Green in Nature

The color green represents balance, nature, rebirth, and spring. Universally, green is the color of prosperity, freshness, and progress.

In nature, green represents a healthy earth, being the color of fresh buds and leaves that arrive in the changing of the new seasons. A muted green color like Pale Green is similar to the cleansing properties of sage green, representative of sage’s fragrant and calming presence in nature. Pale Green can be found on a variety of plants and leaves, washing the earth or your home in its relaxing qualities and energetic freshness.

Big Chill Retro Original and Beverage Fridge
Retro Original Refrigerator (left) and Beverage Fridge (right)
Big Chill Pale Green Appliances

Using the color Pale Green in your home

Green is associated with vitality, fresh growth, and health, generally believed to be a balanced and welcoming color throughout various cultural societies. In many cultures, the color green is also associated with wealth and prosperity, bringing good luck and fortune.

In your home, incorporating green into your design scheme is said to foster creativity and productivity. Green’s grounding energy and youthful presence can transform any space by infusing it with the balanced energy of natures signature shade.

Big Chill Retro Stove
Retro 48″ Stove

Big Chill Pale Green Appliances


Coordinating Colors

Pale green has the ability to be paired with a variety of shades and tones, lending for a vast assortment of sophisticated color combinations. Green generally pairs well with fellow earth inspired shades, like brown, tans, creams, and gray, as well standard shades like black and white. White and cream shades make for a harmonious contrast to a sage-inspired green, creating a refreshing palette in your kitchen or home.

Coral or pink shades also offer a complimentary contrast for those looking for a playful and unexpected combination of colors.

Big Chill Electric Wall Oven
30″ Electric Wall Oven

Big Chill Pale Green Appliances

Big Chill Retro Studio Refrigerator in Premium Grey White
Retro Studio Refrigerator in Premium Grey White



Pale Green’s earthy color presence coordinates flawlessly with a variety of metallic tones, particularly gold and silver leaning metallics, which glisten in the soothing undercurrents of the green shade. Brushed brass and Pale Green pair well with raw wood accents, with chrome and Pale Green combine flawlessly with a polished subway tile backsplash.

Copper tones lend a antique look to Pale Green’s earth inspired color, reminding us the beauty that is found in the elements of nature.

Big Chill Classic Fridge in Pale Green
30″ Classic Fridge in Pale Green with Brushed Brass Trim

Big Chill Pale Green Appliances

Big Chill Classic Stove in Pale Green
48″ Classic Stove in Pale Green with Brushed Brass Trim

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