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The Retro Collection combines vintage inspired design with modern performance. Available in 9 standard and over 200 custom colors. Big Chill’s Retro Collection is the perfect choice to make a statement.

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Original Fridge

Meet the Big Chill fridge that started it all. Our Original Size Retro blends a vintage vibe with modern performance and remains our most popular design today.

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  • Original Fridge
  • 30″ Retro Stove
  • Retropolitan Fridge
  • 30″ Retro Electric Induction Range
  • Retro Induction Cooktop
  • 36″ Retro Stove
  • Retro Microwave
  • Retro Hood
  • Retro Bungalow Hood

The Pro Collection combines sleek, modern styling with exceptional performance. Available in 9 bold standard colors and over 200 custom colors. Big Chill’s Pro Collection makes for a modern and sophisticated kitchen.

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Pro Fridge

The Big Chill Pro Line combines the best in present-day performance and contemporary design. Crisp, modern lines, silver trim, and bold colors make it a favorite. 

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  • Pro Fridge
  • 30″ Pro Range
  • 36″ Pro Range
  • 48″ Pro Range
  • Pro Microwave
  • Pro Dishwasher
  • Pro Dishwasher Panel

The Classic collection combines industrial style with modern performance. Available in 6 gorgeous standard colors and over 200 custom options. Big Chill’s Classic Collection is as gorgeous as it is powerful.

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NEW: Classic Fridge

Vintage icebox styling meets modern industrial chic in our most anticipated product launch ever. Meet the Classic Fridge, which joins our Classic stoves, hoods, and dishwashers to make a unique, beautiful, and bold statement in your kitchen.

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  • NEW: Classic Fridge
  • 30″ Classic Stove
  • Classic Hoods with Trim
  • 48″ Classic Stove
  • 36″ Classic Stove
  • Classic Hoods

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Born in Boulder

Established in Boulder, Colorado in 2001 by award winning designer Orion Creamer. All of Big Chill’s products are designed, assembled and shipped to customers from US factories.

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