Retro Appliance Collection
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Looking for the perfect gift?
Check out our NEW Retro Toasters & Blenders.
Looking for the perfect gift? Check out our NEW Retro Toasters & Blenders.
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Meet the Retro line

The Big Chill Retro collection blends a vintage vibe with modern performance. The colorful appliance recalls the timeless American design of the 1950s.

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33" Retro Original Fridge33" Retro Original Fridge$4,395
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30" Retropolitan Fridge30" Retropolitan Fridge$4,795
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28" Retro Studio Fridge28" Retro Studio Fridge$3,795
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24" Retro Slim Fridge24" Retro Slim Fridge$3,295
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24" Retro Beverage Fridge24" Retro Beverage Fridge$1,995
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24" Retro Dishwasher24" Retro Dishwasher$2,295
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30" Retro Induction Range30" Retro Induction Range$6,295
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30" Retro Gas Stove30" Retro Gas Stove$5,995
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36" Retro Gas Stove36" Retro Gas Stove$6,995
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48" Retro Gas Stove48" Retro Gas Stove$8,495
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30" Retro Induction Cooktop30" Retro Induction Cooktop$2,495
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30" Electric Wall Oven30" Electric Wall Oven$4,195
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30" Retro Bungalow Vent Hood (18" Height)30" Retro Bungalow Vent Hood (18" Height)$2,595
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30" Retro Vent Hood (10" Height)30" Retro Vent Hood (10" Height)$1,895
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36" Retro Bungalow Vent Hood (18" Height)36" Retro Bungalow Vent Hood (18" Height)$2,795
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36" Retro Vent Hood (10" Height)36" Retro Vent Hood (10" Height)$2,295
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48" Retro Bungalow Vent Hood (18" Height)48" Retro Bungalow Vent Hood (18" Height)$3,395
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22" Retro Microwave22" Retro Microwave$695
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Retro BlenderRetro Blender$275 Special Introductory Price
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Retro ToasterRetro Toaster$175 Special Introductory Price
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Retro Color SwatchRetro Color Swatch$5
Retro Line Features
Fun colors, big style — in a retro design
Retro Refrigerator
Modern Performance
Temperature Management
Automatic Moisture Control
Frost Free
Optional Ice Maker
Spill-proof Glass Shelves
Energy Star available
Retro Stove
Stainless Steel Construction
Automatic Electric Ignition System
Convection Fan
Full Extension Oven Rack
Sealed Burner Top
18K BTU Burners
Retro Hood
Stainless Steel COnstruction
Welded Seamless Construction
Variable Blower Controller
Halogen Lamps with Dimmer Control
Largest Filtered Capture in the Industry
Dishwasher Safe Stainless Steel Baffle Filters
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