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Color Spotlight: Ruby Red Kitchen Appliances | Big Chill

Through the ages, the color red is symbolic of passion, prosperity, and protection, having been valued for the invigorating energy the bold color creates. Historically, red is said to represent a form of passion in almost every culture, making it a natural choice when expressing love and lust towards someone or something. In romance, the color red is traditionally associated with feelings of deep adoration.

In your home, using a rich color like ruby red is said to invite happiness and passion into the life of the inhabitant. Lustrous red tones are captivating and exhilarating, making them a practical color choice for those who are inclined to be bold. One of our custom color options, Ruby Red #3003 is an eye-catching yet classic color choice for your kitchen.

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Big Chill Retro 30″ Stove Ruby Red #3003
Retro 30″ Stove Ruby Red #3003

Ruby Red #3003 | Big Chill

The Qualities of Ruby

Ruby red’s hue is said to represent vitality and vigor, being close to the color of blood which carries oxygen to all parts of the body. It is believed that ruby gemstones have the power to align and lend energy to the body, and protect the wearing from any negativity, promoting vitality and wellness overall. Using ruby red’s rich tone in your home can produce a similarity invigorating effect.

Big Chill Retro Beverage Fridge Ruby Red #3003
Retro Beverage Fridge

Ruby Red #3003 | Big Chill


Symbolic of passion, prosperity, and protection, ruby gemstones have been historically revered since ancient times by numerous cultures around the world. Records even suggest that rubies were traded along the North Silk Road of China as early as 200 BC, and noblemen adorned their armor with rubies in its belief to grant protection. Use ruby red in your home for the same effect.

The red fluorescent power of rubies also helped build the first working laser in 1960. Natural and synthetic rubies are still used to make lasers, as well as medical instruments and watches.

Big Chill Retro Slim Refrigerator Ruby Red #3003
Retro Slim Refrigerator

Ruby Red #3003 | Big Chill

Using the color Ruby Red in your home

Throughout many different cultures, the color red has a range of symbolic meanings, including life, health, vigor, courage, love, and the underlying theme, passion. In your home, the color red can create an invigorating energy.

In studies, the color red has proven to also be an appetite-stimulating color, which is why it is commonly used on restaurant logos, menus, tablecloths, and napkins. Use ruby red in your kitchen to activate a healthy appetite and create meaningful dishes and recipes.

Big Chill Retro 48″ Stove Ruby Red #3003
Retro 48″ Stove

Ruby Red #3003 | Big Chill

Coordinating Colors

Ruby red can be strategically paired with a variety of shades and tones, lending depth to both light and dark colors. Colors that generally go well with dark red are pastels, pinks, blues, black and dark brown shades, as well as white, cream, and light gray tones.

Big Chill Retro 30″ Electric Wall Oven Ruby Red #3003
Retro 30″ Electric Wall Oven

Ruby Red #3003 | Big Chill


Ruby Reds rich color pairs well with a variety of metallic tones, particularly gold and silver, which glisten in the deep tones of the red shade. Silver or nickel provide a more cooling aesthetic, while warm metallics like bronze or copper bring out ruby red’s fiery tones.

Big Chill Classic 30″ Refrigerator Brushed Brass Trim
Classic 30″ Refrigerator with Brushed Brass Trim

Ruby Red #3003 | Big Chill

Classic Contrast

Ruby red contrasts beautifully with light colors, and the classic combination of light and dark colors can create balance when using the bold red color in your home. The combination of modern and retro style appliances in your kitchen also can create an eye-catching, yet balanced mix and match of the two color schemes.

Retro Original Refrigerator Premium Grey White 9002
Retro Original Refrigerator in Premium Grey White 9002

Ruby Red #3003 | Big Chill
Classic 30″ Stove with Brushed Brass Trim

Ruby Red #3003 | Big Chill

Ruby Red #3003 | Big Chill

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