It is always nice to try something new every once in a while. A great way to do this is to give one of the rooms in your house a complete makeover! However, not everybody has thousands of dollars to shell out for projects like these. Check out these awesome kitchen hacks to amp up your kitchen in an affordable way.

Hack #1: Use Dish Drying Racks to Store Your Plastic Storage Containers

Plastic storage containers have a nasty habit of getting all over the place! A great solution for this is to organize them in a dish drying rack. This also prevents them from getting jumbled together. You can easily pull out the entire rack and grab exactly what you need. Plastic storage containers have never been so easily managed!

Hack #2: Use Velcro to Secure Items to Cabinet Doors

Velcro Cabinet Doors
This is a great to store kitchen utensils in way that allows you to be able to see all of them at once. You could throw them all in a drawer or even place them in a coffee can, but it can still be quite the hassle to find exactly what you’re looking for. This is especially true if you have utensils of varying lengths.

Hack #3: Use Bread Clips to Label cords

When you have all of your small appliances plugged into one surge protector, it can be frustrating to try and figure out which cord is attached to which item. Avoid this by writing on bread clips with a permanent marker and then placing them on each cord. This is a great idea for all rooms in your home (even the purple ones!).

Hack #4: Baby Proof with Cookie Cutters

baby proof cookie cookers
Baby proof your kitchen in a super cute way by using cookie cutters! Not only are they much cheaper than baby proof harnesses, but they will look way less tacky! There’s nothing better than something that’s both super stylish and super cute!

Hack #5: Use Wire Closet Racks to Store Canned Food

This is a great way to utilize space in your pantry. No more pushing the cans all the way to the back of the pantry to be forgotten about! Just place a wire racket in the pantry and you have instant storage for cans of all sizes. Now you can actually use that can of black olives hiding in the corner of your pantry.

Hack #6: Use the Tension Rod under Your Sink to Store Cleaners

This is so ingenious! With this quick adjustment, you’ll have double the space in your cabinet! Just use the handle of the cleaner bottle to hang on the rod. You can also hang little containers from the rod to hold sponges and scrubbies too!

Hack #7: Glue Magnets to Plastic Bins for Even More Storage

plastic bin magnets
Glue magnets to little storage containers and stick them to the side of your fridge for additional storage. This would be great place to store spices, sprinkles, and even measuring cups and spoons.

Hack #8: Over-The-Sink Cutting Board

Save counter space by placing your cutting board over the sink. Not only does it look super sleek, but it is a great alternative for people who don’t have any counter space to spare. You can also place a dish drying rack in one half of your sink in order to save counter space as well.

Hack #9: Use Scrapbooking Stickers to Label

This is such a cute idea. Local craft stores are never short of stylish little labels. The trick is that they are hiding in the scrapbooking department. Utilize these to add a little spunk into your kitchen. Not only are these quite fashionable, but they are a great aid in keeping your kitchen organized as well.

Hack #10: Buy A Tablet Just for Your Kitchen

This is the perfect idea for people who have an extensive library of recipes. Just Velcro a tablet case to the wall and you’ll have yourself the perfect tablet station. And, since you can get a simple little tablet for one 50 dollars, it’s an innovative and cheap way to amp up your kitchen.

Hack #11: Use a Bamboo Steamer Basket to Store Onions and Garlic

bamboo steamer storage
This is a super cute way to store items like onion and garlic that will also keep them fresh. It is a storage container that will be able to keep your produce perfectly dry and in a dark place.

Hack #12: Use Glass Cleaner to Clean Stainless Steel

stainless steel glass cleaner
It is so frustrating when you scrub and scrub and scrub at something and have it still end up super streaky. Using regular kitchen cleaner will have this effect. However, glass cleaner will leave your stainless steel appliance completely streak free and sparkly-clean.

Hack #13: De-Grime your Microwave

All in all, microwaves are a pretty convenient thing to have around. That is up until they get dirty, of course. All that yummy, baked-baked on stuff is going to have to come off at some point or another. When this time comes along, microwave a cup of water and add a sliced orange before you start cleaning. This will bring some moisture back into the grime and loosen it for easy removal.

Hack #14: Paint Your Cabinets with Chalkboard Paint

Paint the inside of one of your cabinet doors for a great place for all of your shopping lists and to-do lists. You can even write a chore list for your children! This is such a trendy idea that will bring style and practicality into your kitchen.

Hack #15: Kid-Proof your Knives

Protect your kids from accidental cuts with this innovative little trick. Repurpose your leftover wine corks by sticking them on the tips of your knives. This will work well to protect those wandering little hands from an accidental ouchie.

Hack #16: Store Dog or Cat Food in Cereal Containers

pet food cereal dispensers
Get rid of those ugly, clunky bags and opt for cereal containers instead! They will be so much easier to store and will be way less likely to spill out all over the place! This also makes measuring or pouring out food so much easier.

Hack #17: Use a Kitchen Cart for More Counter Space

kitchen cart
Not only will you have more counter space, but you will also have a very versatile area to store things. A kitchen cart can be rolled all over the kitchen with ease. They can also be stored away in tight little corners or even rolled into a pantry. This is the perfect place to store things that you don’t use every day.

Hack #18: Use Desk Organizers to Keep Your Sponges Out of the Sink

kitchen desk organizers
Velcro or use command strips to secure desk organization containers to the cabinets above your sinks. Not only will your sponges dry faster, but they will be out of the way, leaving your sink clutter-free and super sleek. You can also store soap and dish soap in these containers as well.

Hack #19: Use Tissue Boxes to Store Plastic Bags


Tissue boxes come in so many cute little designs, so you might as well utilize them when you can. Stuff all of those extra plastic bags in an old tissue box and you have a stylish little dispenser. Plus, this will help you limit all of those plastic bags that you’ve been hoarding.

Hack #20: Use Curtain Rods as Shelf Dividers

curtain rod kitchen shelf divider
This is a great way to prevent pans from falling all over the place inside of the cabinet. This will conserve space as well as help aid in finding pans easily and conveniently. This hack also works well with baking sheets, plastic storage containers, and plates.

So, if your kitchen is dying for a change. Try some of these fun kitchen hacks to bring some life back into your kitchen. Try something new! Nothing is more fun than something that is done DIY style. So, pick out a few and try them out today. You might just be surprised at just how much you have!