6 Spooky Big Chill Appliances for a Frightening Halloween Kitchen
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6 Spooky Big Chill Appliances for a Frightening Halloween Kitchen

6 Spooky Big Chill Appliances for a Frightening Halloween Kitchen

As the seasons change in your kitchen, decorations change accordingly. Summer fruits are swapped out for autumn favorites like pears or plums, and bright bouquets of flowers are traded for fall-friendly foliage and cozy candles. Add ghosts, witches, and spiders to the list and you've got yourself a frightening Halloween kitchen!

Love all things spooky? Halloween is the holiday for you, being the time of year where people of all ages come together to celebrate with crazy costumes, scary movies, and bowls of yummy candy. No costume is off limits during Halloween, and families can look forward to a night spent trick-or-treating or casually hanging out with ghosts.

Our kitchens are a way to showcase our spooky sides during the month of October, with our kitchen appliances being the perfect surfaces for draped cobwebs or scary bugs. Our appliances share a lot of memories with us; through the seasons, through the holidays, and are still there for us when we accidentally burn the apple pie on Thanksgiving Day Why not dress up your kitchen appliances for a little Halloween fun?

Here are 6 Spooky Big Chill Appliances for a Frightening Halloween Kitchen

1.) Spooktacular Big Chill Original Retro Refrigerator

Spooktacular Big Chill Original Retro Refrigerator

When it comes to October 31st, there is no spooky theme off limits, and there really is no strict format when it comes to ghoulish and ghastly kitchen appliance decorations. Our Original Retro fridge in orange works perfectly for Halloween. Stick with classic black and orange colors, or stay inspired with a Tim Burton or Bride of Frankenstein theme.

2.) Retro Hood with Halloween Hangings

Retro Hood with Halloween Hangings

Hang witches hats from the ceiling next to your retro Big Chill Hood to remind everyone that you brew magic in the kitchen daily. For added effect, simply use tacks and clear fishing line to create the illusion that the hats are floating in mid-air.

3.) Black 1900 Inspired Classic Stove

Black 1900 Inspired Classic Stove

Black appliances are perfect for a frightful Halloween kitchen, especially if you have one of our Classic 1900 inspired stoves in Matte Black and Chrome. Introduce the iconic Halloween cat, jack-o-lantern themed plates, skull-shaped sugar dishes, or simply add spider webs where there were none before. There is no way to incorrectly decorate your Halloween kitchen, as long as you stick with the general theme – the creepier, the better.

4.) Creepy-Crawly Pro Microwave

Creepy-Crawly Pro Microwave

Even lighter-colored appliances can be accessorized by adding some more sparkly Halloween touches. Glue plastic spiders or bugs to magnets to decorate your refrigerator, stove, dishwasher or microwave with some Halloween-themed creepy crawlers.

5.) Pastel Halloween Retro Stove

Pastel Halloween Retro Stove

Your pastel colored appliances can still be spooky! If you have a kitchen that features light appliances in colors like pale yellow or blue, you can still decorate them in ghoulish or ghostly decorations. Stick to traditional Halloween colors like orange, black, or white for a classic take on the spooky holiday, or simply accessorize with whatever decorations you find fitting. Just because your kitchen is beach themed doesn't mean it can't still be haunted, right?

6.) Tarantulas on the Big Chill Pro Stove

Tarantulas on the Big Chill Pro Stove

Under normal circumstances, seeing a giant tarantula crawling all over the top of your stove might be cause for alarm. During Halloween season? A normal occurrence, with homes being (voluntarily) decorated with the creepy-crawly creatures. Use tape, string, or sticky tack, to hang creepy spiders in various sizes on your stovetop or other kitchen appliances.

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6 Spooky Big Chill Appliances for a Frightening Halloween Kitchen

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