Mellow Yellow: 5 Ways to Use Buttercup Yellow in Your Kitchen
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Mellow Yellow: 5 Ways to Use Buttercup Yellow in Your Kitchen

Mellow Yellow: 5 Ways to Use Buttercup Yellow in Your Kitchen

With the arrival of summer, you can expect to see warm colors pop up everywhere, from the glowing rays of the sun to bright summer wildflowers. If looking to introduce summer inspiration into your home, there is no better color than yellow. Yellow can be as mellow or as vibrant as you want it to be, bringing cheer into neutral or drab settings without any effort.

Cozy in the winter and cheerful in the summer, buttercup yellow transitions elegantly throughout the seasons. One of the 9 standard colors in the Big Chill Retro line-up, buttercup yellow is warm and welcoming. The pale yet vibrant shade effortlessly introduces color into your kitchen, pairing well with a wide variety of decorative styles and tastes.

Paint a wall in your kitchen buttercup yellow to instantly make even the darkest of rooms feel warm, or pair buttercup yellow backsplash tiles with crisp white kitchen cabinets for a classic yet unique combination. Use a buttercup yellow refrigerator as the colorful centerpiece of your kitchen, or pair a yellow microwave with retro appliances in white or cream. Not ready to commit? Collect a vase full of wild buttercup flowers to gently introduce the color to your kitchen. Either way, your kitchen will thank you for the fresh dose of cheer.

Summer temperatures are heating up, and the sun refuses to say behind the clouds for long. Quick, pour us an ice cold glass of lemonade!

Here are 5 Ways to Use Buttercup Yellow in Your Kitchen.

1.) Appliances

Yellow appliances add instant zing and personality to your kitchen, often becoming an instant centerpiece without even trying. Pair a buttercup yellow appliance with white surfaces for a classic combination, or with raw wooden accents for a rustic aesthetic with a warm touch. Painted white cupboards or a white subway tile background are always a winning combination with yellow appliances, or pair with aquamarine or robins egg blue for a harmonious blend of warm and cool tones.

Appliance 1

Appliance 2

Appliance 3

Appliance 4

Appliance 5

2.) Cabinets

Yellow cabinets can be overwhelming if not done right, and the wrong shade of yellow can be distracting on a surface as prominent as kitchen cabinets. Buttercup yellow offers the perfect dose of warmth to your kitchen without being overpowering. The buttery yellow also pairs well with a surprising variety of colors and surfaces. Pair with marble, stone, or granite countertops for a classic combination that will never go out of style, or with raw wood or brick accents for a rustic touch. Buttercup yellow cabinets also pair well with a white farmhouse sink featuring either silver, gold, or copper hardware.

3.) Walls

Need to add warmth to your kitchen? Paint even one wall buttercup yellow in your kitchen and the space will instantly be cozier and more inviting. Buttercup yellow walls look elegant with crisp white accents and marble surfaces, but pair just as well with raw or painted wood for a shabby chic touch. Pair with pale turquoise cabinets, like the kitchen below, or keep it more neutral with white or light gray cabinets. Add a retro-inspired appliance in white or cream for a throwback to vintage kitchen décor.

4.) Backsplash

A buttercup yellow backsplash is a unique addition to your kitchen, adding a dose of warmth and texture that eliminates the need for any artwork. Use subway tiles for a classic look with a nod to a retro aesthetic, or use honeycomb tiles in buttercup yellow as an ode to honey bees in nature. Pair with white, cream, light blue, or even brown surfaces for a handsome combination, accented with gold or silver hardware for a shiny metallic touch.

Tile 1

5.) Accessories

Adding yellow accessories to your kitchen is the easiest way to work with buttercup yellow, allowing you to play around with color without any serious commitment. Try adding yellow dishware to open shelving against a white wall or tile backsplash, or invest in a small yellow appliance like a blender or kitchen mixer. Try even adding fresh yellow flowers to your kitchen to brighten the space and add instantaneous cheer.

Yellow sets the tone for a warm, cozy room, and can make any space feel more inviting. Looking for the perfect color suited just for you? Check out our Custom Color Spectrum with over 200 custom colors.

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Mellow Yellow: 5 Ways to Use Buttercup Yellow in Your Kitchen

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