For Your Kitchen: A Retro Color Palette Inspired by the Earth
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For Your Kitchen: A Retro Color Palette Inspired by the Earth

Looking to ground your kitchen? Inspiration found in the colors of the natural elements of the planet bring the earth into your home, healing the soul and making your home a comfortable and grounded space. In your kitchen, the natural tones of the earth instantly turn your space into a cozy, earth-friendly environment, whether used on kitchen appliances, cabinet colors, or cooking accessories.

The warm and rich tones of the earth translate well in a variety of home design aesthetics, from modern to classic. Retro color schemes of the 60s’ and 70s’ were full of warm yellows and browns, incorporating organic shades into popular home décor. Kitchen design during that time saw an influx of modern design modifications and it wasn’t unusual to see appliances during that time produced with these unique colors.

Rustic design schemes easily incorporate the organic tones of the earths landscape, while more modern design schemes can benefit from the earthy tones naturally provided by the rich colors of the planet. From warm to cold climates, the colors of the Earth can help ground and heal us. Use these retro earth-inspired colors in your kitchen to make guests and family feel at home.

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Big Chill Custom Colors

Big Chill Custom Colors: Maize Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Turquoise Blue, Green Brown, Classic White

#1006 Maize Yellow

Like wildflowers found in the deserts, mountains, and fields of earth, Maize Yellow is a brown-based yellow that pairs especially well with blue shades like cornflower blue, sky blue, or periwinkle. In your kitchen, honey-yellow also lends a much sought after vintage quality, representing popular shades of homes of the 1960s and 70s.

1006 Maize Yellow Slim Fridge | Big Chill
Slim Fridge

1006 Maize Yellow Beverage Fridge | Big Chill
Beverage Fridge

1006 Maize Yellow 30 Retro Stove | Big Chill

30″ Retro Stove

#1012 Lemon Yellow

Like the name describes, Lemon Yellow is a classic shade that is reminiscent of fresh lemons growing from a tree, whether in the desert or by the sea. Pair with white or black shades in your kitchen for a classic pairing, or with silver or nickel tones to blend cool metallics with warm color tones. Cool colors, like cobalt blue or parrot green, provide a fun contrast when paired with a cheerful color like Lemon Yellow.

1012 Lemon Yellow Slim Fridge | Big Chill

Slim Fridge

1012 Lemon Yellow 30 Classic Stove | Big Chill
30″ Classic Stove

1012 Lemon Yellow 30 Retro Stove | Big Chill
30″ Retro Stove

1012 Lemon Yellow Retro Microwave | Big Chill
Retro Microwave

#5018 Turquoise Blue

Like the mineral that inspired its name, Turquoise Blue is an eye-catching, unique color that can be found naturally in certain parts of the United States and is highly prized amongst various cultures. In your home, the color turquoise is refreshing and unexpected, providing a pop of color that either be contrasted with a neutral color scheme or accented with various other bright colors. Turquoise stone is prized for its soothing energy, which can translate into a soothing atmosphere when using the color turquoise in your home.

5018 Turquoise Blue Slim Fridge | Big Chill

Slim Fridge

5018 Turquoise Blue 30 Retro Stove | Big Chill

30″ Retro Stove

5018 Turquoise Blue 48 Classic Stove | Big Chill

48" Classic Stove

#8000 Green Brown

What would the earth be without dirt, without clay? Like the baked dirt of the desert or the brown tones of a tree trunk, Green Brown introduces instant earthy tones to your home which help ground both the body and mind. Pair clay brown with flashy metallics, like gold, copper, or silver, to contrast natural shades found in nature with bold, glittering metals.

Brown tones were popular in kitchens of the 60s’ and 70s’. Modern design aesthetics give them an update and a fresh makeover for a more sophisticated appeal.

8000 Green Brown Slim Fridge | Big Chill

Slim Fridge

8000 Green Brown 30 Classic Fridge | Big Chill

30" Classic Fridge

8000 Green Brown 30 Electric Wall Oven | Big Chill
30″ Electric Wall Oven

8000 Green Brown 30 Retro Stove | Big Chill

30" Retro Stove

Classic White

Like a bright white cloud in the vast blue sky, Classic White provides a blank canvas and wash of uplifting energy to your kitchen that pairs with (almost literally) any color or shade you throw its way. White appliances are a classic staple to kitchens of the last 100 years, remaining relevant when styled with modern décor, color schemes, and paired accessories. Use Classic White in your kitchen to brighten the space and provide a clean palette for the rest of your décor.

Classic White Classic Fridge | Big Chill

Classic Fridge

Classic White 48 Classic Stove | Big Chill

48″ Classic Stove

Classic White Original Refrigerator | Big Chill

Original Refrigerator

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