Featuring: The Big Chill Slim Refrigerator
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Featuring: The Big Chill Slim Refrigerator

Featuring: The Big Chill Slim Refrigerator

Working with limited space? Featuring Big Chill's trademark vintage appeal, this sleek 24" refrigerator was designed specifically for smaller kitchens. When your prep space is teeny-tiny, your kitchen must be orderly, hardworking, and minimal all at once. This usually calls for smaller appliances and smarter storage options, as wall space can be precious when square footage is limited.

Does this mean you should have to sacrifice the quality and aesthetic of your appliance simply because you have a small kitchen? Not if Big Chill has anything to do with it! The Slim Refrigerator comes equipped with all of the features you can expect from Big Chill: era-inspired design, a stamped metal body, and a pivoting chrome handle.

The Slim includes the same modern amenities offered in all of our appliances. The full-width door makes it easy to store your favorite condiments or cartons, and the full-width opaque crisper will put all of your fresh fruits and vegetables on display. Fancy a cold drink? Add an optional ice maker for afternoon festivities, and never worry about a day wasted thawing your icebox with our best in class automatic defrost.

Pick from our era-inspired standard color palette, or create your own feel with more than 200 custom color optionsThe Big Chill Slim Refrigerator is full of charm and rich with character, yet its slimmed down design makes for the perfect small kitchen that is never crowded or cramped.


  • » 10.7 cu.ft Capacity
  • » Stamped Metal Body
  • » Authentic Chrome Trim
  • » Automatic Defrost
  • » Pivoting Handle
  • » Available Left Hand Hinge
  • » Temperature Management System
  • » Automatic Moisture Control
  • » 2 Spill-Proof Glass Shelves
  • » Full-Width Opaque Crisper
  • » 3 Door Bins
  • » 1 Freezer Shelf
  • » Designed, assembled, and shipped from Boulder, Colorado
  • » Supports American manufacturing

Slim & Sweet

Small kitchens can be tough to negotiate with, often offering limited storage or wall-space. Our Big Chill Slim Refrigerator is small but mighty, and can easily tuck into tight areas or spaces. Sweeten the look in an urban city loft, tuck it into a guest-house kitchenette, or add flair to your cozy apartment or condo.

Slim & Sweet - Big Chill Slim Fridge - Orange

Slim & Sweet - Big Chill Slim Fridge in Orange - Retro Stove in Pink Lemonade

Big Chill Slim Fridge - Cherry Red - Orange

Powerful & Mighty

If your kitchen is small, you know that organization is key to ensuring that your space is free of any unnecessary clutter. Your refrigerator is no exception, and should be optimally organized to easily store all the goodies you intend to put in it.

A Big Chill Slim Refrigerator offers you the convenience of being compact and sleek, yet will efficiently store your favorite cartons in the full-width door, or vegetables in the full-width opaque crisper.

Powerful & Mighty - Big Chill Slim Fridge - Beach Blue

Big Chill Slim Fridge - Jadite Green - Beach Blue

Colors, Colors, Colors Galore

Designing the kitchen of your dreams? We offer our Big Chill Slim Refrigerator in over 200 custom color options, alongside many of our other classic appliances.

Big Chill Retro Hood - Retro Stove - Retro Dishwasher - Classic White

Big Chill Slim Fridge - Premium Black - Classic White

Big Chill Slim Fridge - Pink Lemonade - Jadite Green

Big Chill Slim Fridge - Buttercup Yellow - Turquoise

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Featuring: The Big Chill Slim Refrigerator

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