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Convenient Places For Your Beverage Fridge & Mini Fridge | Big Chill

Short on space? Looking for a fun-sized appliance for your food and beverage needs? Cue the beverage fridge, your pint-sized companion that will help keep perishables fresh and easy to access at all times (and locations).

While a beverage fridge might not be a replacement for a regular-sized appliance, they come in handy in places where you can’t keep a conventional refrigerator. In small spaces, like studio apartments or dorm rooms, keeping a mini-fridge is oftentimes a necessity to help accommodate limited space.

Beverage fridges are gaining popularity with their ability to conveniently keep perishable items on hand in a variety of locations. Who knew you could live life so large with a mini-fridge?

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A mini-fridge provides mobility that a full-sized fridge doesn’t, allowing you to stash your small appliance in outdoor locations to keep your favorite items readily on hand. A mini-fridge can go just about anywhere (basic shelter providing) there’s a place to plug it in, making it easy to stash in an outdoor kitchen, by the pool, or to use as a outdoor bar during an event or dinner party. A garage or outdoor workshop is also a great place for a mini-fridge, ensuring your hard work is never without refreshment or reward.

Big Chill Custom Colors: #6004 Blue Green, #6005 Moss Green, #6028 Pine Green



If you spend most of your days working at a desk, a mini-fridge can be a solid and helpful addition to your workspace. The office can be a stressful place at times, whether it be in a shared workplace or even in a home environment. An office is a place where your mind needs to stay focused while your body needs to stay energized and awake. A mini-fridge at your desk or in your office will help keep you fed and hydrated throughout the day, without the need to frequently step out for meals or refreshments.

Use it to store homemade lunches, snacks, or drinks to help keep you focused and nourished.

Designer/Photographer: Kelly Rinzema (@lilypadcottage)

Designer/Photographer: Kelly Rinzema (@lilypadcottage)

Designer/Photographer: Kelly Rinzema (@lilypadcottage)

Big Chill Custom Colors: #7016 Anthracite Grey and #7003 Moss Grey



A playroom is the ultimate space to have fun and be creative, providing a space for kids to freely express themselves in the home. Keep young household members nourished by keeping a mini-fridge on hand full of kid-friendly drinks and snacks, also potentially eliminating any messes that might escape the playroom and hitchhike over to the kitchen.


Big Chill Mini-Fridge in standard color Jadeite Green and premium color Pastel Turquoise


Love to entertain? The addition of a beverage fridge to your home bar can provide the perfect space for you to stash all of the necessary bar accouterments without the clutter of food items or perishables. Tonic waters, maraschino cherries, or fresh lemons will make themselves perfectly at home in your beverage fridge, or use it for sodas or beers to provide guests of all ages and tastes with refreshments when hanging out in your home.

Big Chill Custom Colors: #1034 Pastel Yellow and #1007 Daffodil Yellow

The Bedroom or Bathroom

Craving an ice cold beverage while in the comfort of your cozy bed? Cue the convenience of the beverage fridge, which will find itself right at home in your personal sleeping quarters.

Into beauty and skincare? Mini-fridges are one of the trendiest additions for beauty lovers everywhere, as some beauty products are said to perform better, and last longer, when stashed in the refrigerator. Don’t love the idea of your expensive face cream being stored next to your food products? Que the mini-fridge, which can be catered only to your luxurious self-care routine.

Your bathroom also isn’t the optimal place to keep many beauty products for a variety of reasons. Heat and steam from the shower can affect the look, smell, feel, and effectiveness of many skincare products, making your mini-fridge a safe place to store them to help maintain their shelf life.

Big Chill Retro Mini-Fridge in standard color Pink Lemonade

Big Chill Custom Colors: #4009 Lavender, #3014 Antique Pink, #4005 Blue Lilac

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