8 Simple Steps to a Perfectly Organized Kitchen
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8 Simple Steps to a Perfectly Organized Kitchen

Maintaining a sparkling clean kitchen is no easy feat. Although we try to stay on top of the daily mess by wiping down counters and doing dishes, sometimes the natural chaos of a kitchen can overcome even the tidiest of homemakers. An organized kitchen, however, will fare better against the battle of daily messes. When things are organized behind the scenes, the show will run more efficiently and smoothly.

There’s something satisfying about tackling your kitchen from top to bottom. First, you take everything out, throw or give away a bunch of stuff, and then put it all back in its proper place. However, a deep organization session like this can take an entire day, and some of us can’t part with that much precious time. Sometimes as human beings, we don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to properly organize our kitchens. Sometimes the idea of it even sounds overwhelming, especially when summer temperatures refuse to back down.

How about splitting up a day’s worth of organization into smaller tasks? Spending 10 minutes on each area and giving it a quick makeover, sorting through the basics and eliminating what isn’t necessary. By tackling areas of your kitchen one by one, you leave yourself time to stretch it out over a week, a weekend, or whenever you feel like getting around to it.

Before you know it, you’ll have a well-organized kitchen that will refresh your favorite room of the house and make everyday tasks just a little bit easier.

Break a sweat? No way! Here are 8 Simple Steps to a Perfectly Organized Kitchen

1.) Pots and Pans

Whether you stow your pots and pans in a drawer, a rack, or a cabinet, it’s important to have a method of organization to prevent your pans from clanging around and causing a frustrating situation every time you prepare to cook. Wherever you store your cookware, make sure that items are coordinated by size and shape so there is a fluidity to your storage method.

Pots and Pans | Big Chill

2.) Organize Spices

For a quick organization of your spice cabinet, organize spices into categories and coordinating matching containers. Savory spices, like salt or oregano, should be paired together while more sweet leaning spices, like cinnamon or nutmeg, should be kept close together for an ease of accessibility when cooking.

Organize Spices | Big Chill

3.) Rearrange Your Fridge

Although there is no better feeling than a full refrigerator, there is no worse feeling than a cluttered, overflowing fridge that spills contents every time you open the door. Organize food and drink items into categories onto the shelves and drawers, keeping more frequently used items toward the front of the fridge and infrequent items toward the back. Throw out any condiments or odd items that have sat unused for a significant amount of time, chances are you won’t need them anymore.

Rearrange Your Fridge | Big Chill

4.) Give Clean Dishes a Happy Home

Doing the dishes is a task in itself, worthy of a pat on the back and a cold glass of lemonade as a reward. Putting away the dishes? A secondary task, but an important one that can keep visual clutter off of your countertops and your cabinets stocked with clean dishes. Help the cycle of your kitchen flow more smoothly by unloading clean dishes from the dishwasher and dish rack. Taking 10 minutes to put them back where they belong is an easy way to help keep your kitchen in tip-top shape.

Give Clean Dishes a Happy Home | Big Chill

Give Clean Dishes a Happy Home | Big Chill

Give Clean Dishes a Happy Home | Big Chill

Give Clean Dishes a Happy Home | Big Chill

5.) Sort Your Kitchen Linens

Pull out the basket, drawer, or wherever you keep your kitchen linens and take everything out. Separate the napkins from the dishtowels and the tablecloths from the placemats. Pair any matching sets together and make sure everything is neatly folded.

Sort Your Kitchen Linens | Big Chill

6.) Organize Bakeware and Cutting Boards

If you’re an avid baker or chef, organizing your baking pans and cutting boards can be more than just a simple task. Keep it under 10 minutes by simply stacking everything by category, keeping all that is the same in one flat stack. Stow the things that you use daily, like your favorite baking pan, in front of the things you use infrequently, like the muffin tin.

Organize Bakeware and Cutting Boards | Big Chill

7.) Take Stock of Plasticware and Glassware

It’s easy to keep it simple when it comes to organizing your plastic or glass Tupperware. Get rid of any lids without bottoms, or any bottoms without lids. Recycle anything that is warped or carries a lingering smell.

Take Stock of Plasticware and Glassware | Big Chill

8.) Sort Through Any Cabinet or Drawer

You know that junk drawer you’ve been avoiding for five years? You can’t tackle that in 10 minutes, impossible! But you CAN take ten minutes to pick a drawer or cabinet that needs a little help and show it some love. Whether it be your silverware drawer, your coffee mugs, or your tea collection, sometimes showing these areas a little organization can be all the change you need.

Sort Through Any Cabinet or Drawer | Big Chill

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