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For most of us, cooking is something we do every day, often from the comfort of our own kitchen. Now imagine if cooking ate up 20% of your income, emitted toxic smoke into your family home, and deforested your country. In Uganda, this is the reality for most families, as 90% of Ugandans burn wood or charcoal in an open fire that emits more heat to the air than it does to their cookpots.


Enter the Uga cookstove, a simple and locally produced that reduces the use of wood or charcoal by 50% because it burns fuel thoroughly and efficiently, concentrating the heat from the fire directly to the cooking surface where it matters most.


Less fuel burned equals less greenhouse gas and toxic smoke emitted. And for the families, this reduced fuel consumption translates into a saving of around $110 per year, 20% of their annual income.


Awareness and demand for the Uga cookstove has been sweeping across Uganda thanks to the support of Cool Effect, a non-profit that is devoted to reducing carbon emissions by funding carbon-reducing projects around the world.


For the month of June, Big Chill is teaming up with Cool Effect to support this groundbreaking project in two important ways:

  • every appliance purchased from Big Chill will be matched with a donation of a cookstove to a Ugandan family in need
  • we will also be donating 1% of our total monthly sales to Cool Effect

Each stove we are able to donate will reduce more carbon than what the average car emits each year.

All of our appliances are eligible throughout the month of June, from microwaves to stoves to refrigerators. Gift your kitchen with a new appliance and give local Ugandan families a cleaner, healthier life. It's a win/win.

Thank you for everything you do, Cool Effect!

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