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Love the look of wood in your kitchen? Wood is timeless material, providing natural beauty that envokes the spirit of the outdoors in your home. From countertops to cabinets to ceilings, using wood in your kitchen is a sensible yet sophisticated choice that will stand the test of time.

Maple? Oak? Birch? Walnut? Hickory? Whatever your preference, Mother Nature has provided us with plenty of options when it comes to using wood in your kitchen. 


1.) Ceilings and Beams

Homes with exposed wooden beams and ceilings are usually of the traditional variety, and the beams can either be painted or kept their original finish to show off the natural appeal of the wood. Exposed beams are often paired with an opposing ceiling color, but can be painted the color of the ceiling for a more streamlined look. Wooden beams complete with matching wooden ceilings provide a rustic aesthetic that is timeless and hard to come by in modern homes.

Wood 33333333333Big Chill Retro Refrigerator and Stove in Jadeite Green, one of the 9 standard colors in the Retro Collection.Wood 333333333333333333
Big Chill Retro Studio RefrigeratorPro Microwave, and 30" Electric Wall Oven in Orange, one of our 9 standard colors.
backsplash 6 or retro design copyBig Chill 30" Retro Stove and Retro Bungalow Hood in Orange

2.) Cabinets

Wooden cabinets can either make or break a kitchen, providing just the right amount of style and texture or completely overwhelming the space. Modern kitchens feature wooden cabinets that place emphasis on the beauty of the natural wood, eliminating finishes and stains that can detract from the original texture and color of the wood. 

Pair wooden cabinets with stone countertops for a classic pairing of two natural materials, or pair with a subway tile backsplash for a combination of natural and polished textures.

11111backsplash 7 copyBig Chill Retro 30" Stove, Retro Bungalow Hood, and Pro Microwave in Orange Cabinets 2WoodBig Chill Classic 30" Stove with Nickel Trim

3.) Floors

Wooden floors in your kitchen hold a timeless appeal that will never go out of style. There are plenty of options to choose from when using wood floors in your kitchen, and there are various finishes that can be used to achieve the exact aesthetic you desire. The most common types of wood used for hardwood flooring are Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Hickory, Black Walnut, Cherry, Beech, and Ash. Oak is the most common type of hardwood used in the United States, known for its durability and strong graining that helps to hide scratches.1c5d137a2f8fd8610db436647eeadc86277f9586Big Chill Retropolitan Refrigerator in Jadeite Greenupholstery copy

Big Chill Retro Original Refrigerator in Beach Blue and WhiteAsh2Big Chill Retro Studio Refrigerator, Retro 30" Stove and Retro Hood in Buttercup Yellow

4.) Countertops

Wooden countertops can make us feel connected to the earth by providing a natural surface and workspace for all of our daily kitchen activities. Wooden countertops, especially of the unfinished variety, add a sophisticated touch of nature to your kitchen that compliments a number of different materials, textures, and colors.

Most wood countertops are made from maple, though walnut, oak, cherry, and teak are also commonly used. Eco-friendly bamboo is also gaining popularity in kitchens around the world.

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5.) Shelves

Open shelving is a predicted trend for kitchens in 2019, and wood is a great candidate for open shelving options. A raw, unfinished wood shelf adds a rustic look to your kitchen that can be easily dressed up with attractive dishware and accessories.

shelvesWood 33333333

6.) Walls

Want to feel like you're living in the woods, without actually living in the woods? A wooden wall, whether it be original or a modern addition, is the ultimate way to add an instant rustic feel to any space. Distressed wood or painted wood walls can add a shabby chic feel, while raw wood can lend a rustic edge that utilizes woods natural beauty and personality.

11111Big Chill Retro Studio Refrigerator, Retro 30" Stove and Retro Hood in Buttercup Yellow
22222222222Big Chill Retropolitan Refrigerator in White

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