Winter in the Desert

As the second in a series of seasonally launched color offerings from Big Chill, the Winter Edit is a curated palette of custom colors that was conceived in collaboration with interior designer Natalie Myers, Owner and Design Principal of Veneer Designs. The Winter Edit’s four colors – Green Brown, Ochre Yellow, Beige, and Ivory – offer a sense of balance and tranquility. Providing a fresh perspective on our collections - Classic, PRO, and Retro, the Winter Edit reflects the calming earth tones of the Mojave Desert near Myers’ Joshua Tree, California home. The colors have the ability to seamlessly blend with a wide variety of kitchen spaces and design aesthetics, creating a timeless appeal.

Ochre Yellow


Green Brown

Big Chill - Natalie Myers by Veneer Designs - Photo by Tom Windeknecht

Designer Natalie Myers,
Veneer Designs

Los Angeles, CA

Designer Natalie Myers, Veneer Designs
Los Angeles, CA

Natalie, who resides in Los Angeles has put the pedal to the metal over the last nine years, starting her own award-winning, full-service interior design firm, Veneer Designs, with a vision to bring a uniquely California inspired modern interior sensibility to residential and commercial spaces. Natalie’s expertise has brought an organic and modern perspective to contemporary spaces, fielding projects of every scale, from full-home renovations and new construction, space planning, to kitchen and bath remodels. Through her work and new collaboration with leading international professional-grade kitchen appliance manufacturer Big Chill, Natalie has curated a palette of custom colors for the brand, dubbed the Winter Edit, and has emerged as more than just a talent to watch but a talent to get to know.

“My eyes were immediately drawn to the earthy yellow-greens and tans that felt natural to the desert surroundings,” says Myers. “Blending in shades of cream, tan, and browns will add the warmth and lived-in feeling an unpretentious kitchen aims to achieve.”

— Natalie Myers, Veneer Designs

Photo by: Andreas Selter