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Big Chill fridges combine timeless American design with modern performance.
Big Chill fridges are available in a variety of colors and silhouettes.   

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Big Chill keeps it cool with era-inspired design from vintage retro to classy and modern appliances. Shop the Retro Line for a taste of  iconic, 1950s kitchens when you choose our Original Size, Studio Size, or Retropolitan refrigerator. Or buy from the Pro Line for fridges with sleek, contemporary profiles. As featured on Rachael Ray: “The fridge…it’s gorgeous!” – Rachael RayBig Chill Pro and Retro appliances come in 200+ color possibilities, ranging from subtle and dreamy to sizzling and bold for a memorable kitchen whether your look is classic, vintage, or modern. Plus, made in the U.S.A. is part of the Big Chill heritage. Our stamped metal body fridges are equipped with chrome or silver details and hand-assembled in Boulder, Colo. for a delightful meeting of quality and design.

Fridges with Modern Amenities, Sized for the Family or the Studio

Big Chill’s classic-look refrigerators come equipped with all the modern amenities needed for preparing to cook like a pro whether feeding the family or stocking up the apartment. State-of-the-art Energy Star ratings, temperature and moisture management systems, crisper drawers, available left-hand hinges, and pivoting handle options deliver a timeless feel with cutting-edge performance.

And Big Chill appliances are sized to suit your needs. The Original Size brings massive 20.6 cubic foot capacity for stocking up on weekly essentials or weekend entertaining. Big Chill’s Retropolitan and Pro Line fridges offer spacious 18.5 cubic foot storage. The smaller 14.4 cubic foot Studio Size tucks easily into your office, the dorm, or anywhere you need compact cooling with fabulous style.