Some people paint.

Some people draw.

Some people take photographs, all in a quest to capture a perfect moment in time.

I too am creative, and my favorite canvas is my kitchen. 

My kitchen starts with a splash of the '50s, but adds a modern, eclectic touch.

My kitchen is vibrant, colorful and functional. It comes alive with its unique character that is always evolving throughout the seasons.

My checkered tile floor kisses my Big Chill appliances with envy as their cherry-apple-red personalities draw your attention in and catapult you back to simpler times, when dinners were cooked from scratch and brought families together.

I've always longed for a kitchen that captures and embraces that essence, a place where memories and mouthwatering meals are created.

My canvas, now almost finished, awaits the final brush stroke: a Big Chill stove that brings it all together, completing my magnum opus.