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A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen, providing a bright atmosphere for us to gather with loved ones and create culinary masterpieces (or eat cookie dough with a spoon, either one). However, busy schedules can get in the way of maintaining a clean kitchen, and the next thing we know there's a fine layer of dust on the windows and a thick coat of grime on the refrigerator. 

Instead of letting these tasks pile up, the best way to keep a kitchen clean is through daily maintenance. Working in shorts bursts is a satisfying way to cross some chores off of your to-do list, and addressing small tasks will add up to an overall cleaner feeling in your home. 10 minutes (or less) is all you need to start checking these built-up tasks off your list, so let's scrub that sink and dust off those beloved knickknacks. 

Dirty kitchen? Not in this house! Here are 8 Small Cleaning Tasks to Maintain a Spotless Kitchen.

1. Clean the countertops

Your countertops play a big role in your kitchen's clean aesthetic, so if looking to freshen up the place wiping down the counters should be one of the first tasks you address. Take everything off your counters (yes, everything) and give them a good wipe-down with a cloth towel and some cleaning spray. You can even wipe down the items you moved off the counters before you put them back for an extra dose of clean.


2. Clean a small appliance

Is your microwave covered in splattered grease, or is your blender still covered in a sticky strawberry smoothie? These little messes actually have an effect on your kitchens overall cleanliness, so addressing your small appliances will easily help brighten up the room. From your coffee maker to your kitchen mixer, pick a small appliance and clean from the inside out. They'll look better and even perform better, too.


3. Wash a window

Was there always a tree outside of this window? Kitchen windows can get a light coat of dust and grease after a few months of neglect, blocking sunlight and fogging up the view. Clean your windows with a paper towel and some glass solution and the entire room will instantly appear lighter and brighter.


4. Clean out the refrigerator or pantry

Deep-cleaning your refrigerator can take an hour or more, so this will be more of like a re-organization of the items in your refrigerator or pantry. Instead of taking everything off the shelves, simply sort through the items and evaluate what needs to be used, what can be combined, or what needs to be thrown out. By taking a quick stock of your pantry or refrigerator, you can clear up more room and help eliminate unnecessary clutter.


5. Clean the surface of a large appliance

Built-in appliances don't normally get as much attention as our kitchen countertops and floors when it comes to cleaning. However, our refrigerator and stove are often subjected to daily use without daily sanitation. To remove spots and stuck on food, give large appliances a good surface scrub with a towel or sponge. Be sure to focus on bacteria-prone areas, like the door handles or temperature knobs. 

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6. Deep clean the sink

These are certain parts of the sink that get dirty and grimy even if we are vigilant about doing the dishes. The area around the drain and where the sink meets the counter can get gnarly build-up over time, requiring a little extra attention. Take an old toothbrush or the rough side of a sponge and scrub at the grime for a sink that is sparkling clean.

Sink 1 

7. Clean the shelves and knickknacks

Ever pull down a mixing bowl from your top shelf that is covered in a fine layer of dust? The upper shelves of your kitchen cabinets can get dusty before you even realize, filling your kitchen with unnecessary allergens. For a quick cleaning task that makes a big difference, take down any items from your top shelf and dust with a dry cloth. For any items that are extra dirty, wash them with soap and water before putting them back.

Shelf 1


8. Wipe down the kitchen chairs

Think you need to skip this step? Chances are, the closer you look at your kitchen chairs or counter stools the more you'll notice the small spills and splatters that have built up over time. If your kitchen chairs are made from plastic or wood, a slightly damp cloth should be able to handle most spills. Upholstered chairs, however, will need a fabric cleaner.

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