What so many fans love about Big Chill is color, and we are committed to creating a color-rich 1950s finish without introducing harmful VOCs into your home.

Traditional liquid paints have high levels of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. VOCs are unstable, toxic, and can give off poisonous vapors at room temperature. Because we’re not cool with VOCs, Big Chill uses the low-VOC powder coated paint process.

Powder coating is different from normal paint because it uses a paint powder that’s free of toxic liquids. Without toxic solvents, heat cures the paint powder to create the 1950s vintage Chevy finish Big Chill is known for. The result is a retro color that is high on style and low on VOCs.

While the design of Big Chill is straight out of the 1950s, the way we paint our appliances is as current as it gets. The process costs us a little bit more, but allows us to make appliances that are conscious of your health, and the well-being of our planet.

As a part of our commitment to quality, low-VOC powder coated paint is standard with all Big Chill Appliances.

With Big Chill, Style is in the Air...VOCs are not!