Big Chill makes quite the splash at the San Diego Zoo’s Polar Bear exhibit. Along with the polar bears Chinook, Tatqiq, and Kalluk, the exhibit features two of our white Original fridges!

At the “How You Measure Up” interactive exhibit, a Big Chill display lets zoo visitors see how the food polar bears consume measures up to what people eat. One of our Original fridges is stocked with a whopping 140 lbs. of seal meat—the favorite of polar bears—and the other is stocked with people’s favorite foods.

With 20.6 cubic ft. of interior space, the Original is our largest model, and has enough space for even the biggest appetite. The Original fridge combines vintage-inspired style with the modern storage and amenities you need.  This fridge is sure to be as big a crowd pleaser in your kitchen at it is at the San Diego Zoo.

San Diego Zoo Features Big Chill Fridges