Ever dream of remodeling your kitchen without having to turn your home upside down? Here are some useful tips from Lauryn, one of our Big Chill fans.

Retro-Remodeling Guide

It’s your kitchen, do what you’ve always wanted to do.

Always dreamed of Cracked Ice counter tops, but never had a chance to make them a reality? Now’s the time to cash in on all those kitchen aspirations you’ve silently schemed for so long. This is your new kitchen, your new empire of possibilities. Make it your own.

2.  Don't be afraid to get creative. If you want a fridge where the washer should be, make it happen.

3.  Hate your old décor? Tear it out.

Your mother-in-law might love those old drapes, but your mother-in-law doesn’t have to look at them every morning. If those old door handles don’t fit into your marvelous vision of a dream kitchen, get rid of them. There’s no point in forcing yourself to endure ugly décor. Remember this is your kitchen, own it.

4.  It's okay to use old reference material for your design guide.

So many buried treasures hide inside old 40s and 50s magazines and ads. It’s okay to delve deep into the past for inspiration.

5.  One man's goat trough is another woman's vintage kitchen sink. Keep your eyes open.

That’s right. This kitchen sink was once used as a run-down goat trough. With a little spit and shine, it’s become a classic keystone in this kitchen’s repertoire.