For the first time ever Pantone® made the unprecedented decision to announce not one, but two Colors of the Year for 2016. The persuasive yet gentle Rose Quartz and the weightless and airy Serenity were selected in order to create a stunning yet calm palette for spring. After going with the bold color Marsala last year that had a much deeper tie to the autumn months and the colors of fall, they made the decision that they would be focusing more on bright pastels in 2016. After introducing such a big change it has been amazing to see how the worlds of fashion and design have brought Pantone's selections to life. We are excited to share with you our take on how to use these two "chill" and calming colors in your designs this year.

Pantone's Chill Colors for Spring | Big Chill

With inspiration for these colors coming from what feels like the perfect spring morning, we found that these two picks are actually very flexible when it comes to interior design with our focus or course being on kitchen design. The recent launch of our Big Chill Classic line has allowed us to embrace an even wider range of design styles where we can incorporate Rose Quartz and Serenity. From a conservative turn of the century design to a more modern approach as in our PRO line of stoves.

Big Chill retro kitchen in Pink Lemonade

Retro Design

We were founded on the concept of putting a fun twist on the pastel colors seen in your grandma's kitchen and that's how we recommend using Pantone's new selections for spring 2016.  As we continue to see love for our vintage stoves and retro ovens, pastels are a strong trend that continues to gain momentum. The release of these two colors has introduced a new way to mix colors such as accenting a Pink Lemonade retro fridge with a Beach Blue stove. The main idea that you need to keep in mind when using Rose Quartz and Serenity is to always have a playful approach to decorating. They can add some unexpected freshness to a simple grey or white space in your kitchen.

Big Chill PRO stove in French Blue

Modern Design

Moving to a modern design let's take a look at how Serenity, even with being a strong pastel has the ability to soothe as you can see with our PRO line of appliances. While there is a sense of nostalgia that was discussed with our retro line, both of these colors can be surprisingly contemporary when used correctly. If looking to use both Rose Quartz and Serenity in a modern design, make sure to allow one color to take the lead while the other acts as an accent to create a well-balanced room.

Big Chill Classic stove in French Blue

Industrial Chic Design

Our newest collection, the Classic line, conveys and industrial feel with its distinctive finishes and use of rugged metals such as brass and copper. When approaching a kitchen design that has a chic 1900's vibe, it is not only the Serenity color that is important but the ability to match it with the right metal accent for your kitchen. Incorporating a Classic stove in Serenity that accents the metallic finishes throughout your kitchen can add a stunning look to an all-white kitchen. If you're stuck on Rose Quartz we find the pastel pink pairs well with the warmer shades of gold and copper.