(Update: You asked and we listened! You loved our limited edition Purple Big Chill refrigerator so much that we’ve made more and extended our Free color upgrade offer to August 31st, 2017. This limited edition Big Chill is exclusive to phone orders only you can order yours now by calling: 877.842.3269)

A while back we asked our Big Chill faithful what colors they’d like to see that we didn’t already have. After engaging conversation and much debate, the color Purple was thrown into the mix and was met with a resounding level of interest!

Here are some of those comments:

  • "I usually want a blue and white kitchen, but I LOVE purple. This would be awesome." - Erica Gott
  • "Can you do a purple one?? If so it's sold send me the information I need" - Daniel Parker
  • "Omg...PUUUUURPLE ????" - Patti Gordon Jones
  • "Kimberly James look at this cool purple fridge!" - Brigette Faggioli Israelsen
  • "Purple!!" - Georgann McGhee
  • "Wow I love that" - Becky Moreland Kirk
  • "Omg ???? I want it!" - Viri Bernal

We’ve been making Big Chill fridges since 2001 and were founded on the concept of putting a fun twist on the pastel colors seen in retro lifestyle era’s where beautiful automotive designs and style were making waves. (You can read more about how we designed the Big Chill here.) The colorful fridge appliances found in the 50’s and 60’s soon began disappearing across U.S homes in the 70’s as stainless, standard black and white fridges became popular.

So when we realized our fans wanted to see a Purple Big Chill refrigerator we were excited to make it happen and get one created as soon as we could. No we're even more excited to share this new special edition Big Chill refrigerator with you, we hope you like it!

To order or learn more, get in touch with us: 877.842.3269

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