Cozy Rustic Kitchens Worthy of a Mountain Lodge

A well done rustic kitchen invokes a sense of coziness and comfort that will warm up even the chilliest of nights and mornings. Imagine it now: It's cold outside, with outdoor temperatures dropping rapidly and the brisk air freezing your fingers and toes. The smell of pine trees and cedar is heavy in the air. Seeking refuge, you step into a beautiful forest lodge, where a fireplace roars and a batch of hot cocoa is waiting for you on the kitchen stove. Aged wooden cabinets, rough hewn wood beams, and old tumbled stones decorate the beautiful kitchen, where you pull up a barstool and feel the warmth of the cozy fire.

In your own kitchen, you can recreate a rustic look with the use of natural wooden elements, various types of stones, and antiqued decorations and accessories. Distressed and worn are key decorating elements for a rustic kitchen, but can be brought to life with the addition of shiny modern appliances. Modern design pairs surprisingly well with rustic life, with pairings like stainless steel and polished countertops perfectly balancing out any natural aesthetic.

When fall season hits, we can prepare for months of chilly weather and the desire for hibernation that entails. Looking to invoke a natural sense of warmth in your own kitchen? These rustic kitchens will provide you with enough inspiration to turn your home into your very own mountain lodge.

1.) Stone Elements

Stone can be a game-changing feature to add to your rustic kitchen. Any natural mineral is a fine choice for a rustic look, but the addition of quartz or granite remain popular among homeowners. Add a flagstone floor throughout your kitchen, cover an entire wall with tumbled river rock, or construct your own stone fireplace hearth. Nothing emits warmth and glow better than a real wood-burning fireplace, and imagine the cooking and baking you can do over an open flame. Though if open-flame isn't your cup of tea, a big, open stovetop is the perfect addition to your rustic kitchen setting. Is that warm bread dough we smell? Okay, we're coming over.

Rustic 5


Rustic 6

Cabernet 2

Rustic 7

Gray Blue

2.) When Rustic and Modern Collide

Crave the elements of a natural rustic aesthetic, but still appreciate the gleam of a shiny modern appliance? A rustic kitchen with wooden elements can pair perfectly with contemporary elements. Match wooden cabinetry with polished granite countertops, or see how well raw wooden beams can accentuate stainless steel appliances. Use your imagination, nothing is off limits! Mix rustic design with modern influences and enjoy the best of both design words in one cohesive kitchen.

Rustic 4

Stone Gray 1

Rustic 3


3.) Light, Airy Wood

Is dark wood too intimidating? Are you working with a small space? Consider adding bleached or painted wood (in shades like white or gray) to your kitchen if you're looking to incorporate rustic design elements with a lighter feel. Light-colored pine wood is also a good choice for those looking to lighten the atmosphere. The use of light woods will add an open, modern feel will still maintaining the raw rustic aesthetic you strive for.


Stainless 2

4.) Pops of Red

To achieve a rustic kitchen aesthetic, wooden elements are a must. Dark wood seems to radiate warmth, but the use of too many browns and grays can sometimes leave your kitchen looking a little monotone. An easy fix? The use of barn-colored red and dark wood adds a country touch with an exciting pop of color. Try a retro-inspired appliance for a vintage cabin feel.

Cherry Red

5.) A Little Feminine Flair

The heavy use of raw wood and stone can feel a little masculine in nature, but can easily be balanced with a few touches of feminine flair. Meet in the middle with the use of innovative light fixtures, pretty textiles, and colored appliances. Your kitchen will still maintain its rustic, countrified feel through a balance of traditionally masculine and feminine design.



6.) Painted Wooden Cabinetry

Just because you have a rustic kitchen doesn't mean you have to cover it in bare wood. The trick to maintaining that rustic aesthetic? Paint walls or cabinets in shades inspired by the elements. The use of greens, blues, reds, and browns will give the impression of an authentic homespun kitchen with an exciting blend of colors.

Painted Cabinet

White 2

Rustic 1

Stainless 1

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Cozy Rustic Kitchens Worthy of a Mountain Lodge

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