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We are thrilled to introduce the newest product to our highly successful retro designed kitchen appliances, a freestanding induction range. After receiving great feedback on our 30” induction cooktop, we knew we were ready to expand this line even further. Induction cooking is not some radical new technology, but we are able to offer a very unique product from a design perspective not seen before. With this product we bring an all-electric option to our retro-designed line of kitchen appliances while still offering a top quality cooking experience.  A prototype of this range was showcased at the 2016 Architectural Digest Design Show in New York City and received rave reviews for its style and performance.

Combining Retro Style and Induction Cooking | Big Chill

The background behind our move to induction was based on two major factors. The first was the growth of our fan base that loves the retro line, but wouldn’t be able to have a gas range in their home. The second factor was the major push from our France based vice-president of engineering who knew induction would be a great addition to our brand dueto its success overseas. Recreating a new twist to the vintage design has never been more fun with this new retro stove. It will be available in all of our standard retro colors along with over 200 custom colors and will match perfectly with a Big Chill retro fridge.

Induction cooking is very unique from all other cooking methods currently in the market. The cooking element, similar to a burner on our gas retro range, is actually a powerful, high-frequency electromagnet. When a good-sized piece of magnetic material – such as a pan suited for induction – is placed in the magnetic field that element is generating, the field transfers (‘induces’) energy into the metal. This means the range or cooktop is not involved with generating heat but rather the transferred energy causes the pan to become hot. By controlling the strength of the electromagnetic field, you can control the amount of heat being generated in the pan. As soon as the pan is removed from the element, or the element is turned off, heat generation stops.

Retro Induction Range | Big Chill

There many positive features to induction cooking. To serious cooks, the most important is that you can adjust the cooking heat instantly and with great precision. Induction is also able to overcome the biggest complaint with other electric cooktops. It eliminates the wait time from adjusting the temperature to seeing results. Another great feature is the elimination of wasted heat. With induction, energy is supplied directly to the pan by the magnetic field with almost all of the source energy getting transferred to the vessel. With conventional electric ranges the energy is first converted to heat and only then directed to the cooking vessel – with a lot of that heat going to waste. Lastly, the feature that is extremely unique to induction is the enhanced safety of using energy from an electromagnet to produce heat. With the pot or pan conducting most of the heat, the stove top itself barely gets warm except under the cooking vessel. This will hopefully help with no more burned fingers or baked-on spills.

Retro Induction Range | Big Chill

Induction is a wonderful technology and we look to continue expanding this technology in our Pro and Classic lines. While our induction range is currently not yet available, we will start to take orders in the summer of 2016.