All-American Retro Style | Big Chill

All-American Chills

Baseball, burgers, and backyard BBQs.If that all-American snapshot makes you hunger for summer and sustains you through spring’s soggy days, we have the perfect thing for your party prep. Our Original Retro fridge’s big storage lets you spend more time living what you love and less time at the grocery. It’s bold style makes your kitchen memorable. And if you crave old-fashioned quality and craftsmanship mixed with the latest features, this fridge serves up a home run.

American Capacity

Forget making extra trips to the market for ingredients that won’t fit and start making memories chatting with guests, cooking succulent meals or gathered around the dinner table. The Original fridge outsizes the competition with its 20.6 cubic foot capacity.

Need space for a week’s worth of feeding the family or supplies for a weekend gathering? The roomy interior can hold lush, leafy greens, meats for hearty dinners and a cornucopia of daily staples. Plus, a dedicated freezer lets you load up on frozen summertime treats or store from-the-garden extras for future use. Add in an optional ice maker and you’ll have what it takes to blend up cool beverages.

American Style

Plenty of space isn’t the only thing that satisfies. Our Original Retro marries modern technology with a throwback feel that lights up kitchens with one-of-a-kind visual pop. Pivoting handles and a stamped, vintage-inspired body brings classic back to life.

Recreate the look you loved from your favorite childhood kitchen, infuse it with a color scheme perfect for your home and unforgettable to anyone who walks in the door. The Original Retro fridge is available in nine standard colors, like ocean-tinted Beach Blue or Cherry Red reminiscent of a classic car. Plus, you can order over 200 custom colors. Pair your fridge with the tile in your backsplash or with a favorite piece of vacation-getaway art.

American Quality

The Big Chill Original looks good while delivering top-notch quality. The stamped metal body brings back the durability of appliances from days gone by. The sturdy feel and luxurious luster are truly American caliber like the fridge you remember from grandma’s kitchen. This well-made modern classic comes with a pivoting metal handle that has a smooth action and adds authenticity.

Plus, we take pride in assembling our Retro fridges in Boulder, Colo. Each unit is built with care and attention to detail. Modern amenities make it more lovable. Easy-to-clean shelves mean spills are a breeze to remedy. Automatic moisture control keeps your favorite veggies fresh, and the frost-free design eliminates the buildup that can happen with other units. Each Original Retro fridge is Energy Star efficient and available in a left-hand hinge.

American Heat

A fully stocked and stylish fridge means one thing. It’s time to cook! Big Chill brings the heat with Retro Line stoves that match our fridges in design and performance. Need space for a commercial-sized baking sheet when making sweet treats? Our stoves accommodate.

Shop the 36-inch model for a powerful six-burner configuration that makes executing multiple dishes easier. Or buy the 30-inch model for a compact version that fits neatly into smaller spaces. Big Chill Retro stoves have easy-to-clean sealed burners on top. Full-motion grates let you move pots from the front to the back burners without lifting hot, food-filled containers.

So whether you’re keeping it cool or heating things up, we have the fridge or stove for you with style that’s simply irresistible.