The Pantone Color of the Year represents rejuvenation, wiping the previous year’s color slate clean and forecasting the hue that will refresh the design world in the coming year ahead. The 2018 Color of the Year is Ultra Violet; a complex and contemplative shade that is said to suggest the mystery of the cosmos and the intrigue of what lies ahead. Ultra Violet is said to represent the vast and limitless night sky, inspiring the desire to pursue a world beyond our own. 

Enigmatic purples have long been a symbol of artistic brilliance, symbolizing experimentation and spurring individuals to push boundaries through creative outlets. The color purple is often associated with practices of mindfulness, offering a higher ground to those seeking refuge from the current over-stimulated world.

In your kitchen, the use of the color purple can turn your space into the ultimate refuge. By using the color Ultra Violet in your kitchen, you will immediately energize the space, inviting all that enter it into a room simply dripping with personality. How do you want to use purple in your kitchen? Get creative! Purple represents creativity, so there really is no wrong way to use it. Whether it be on the furniture, the walls, or on your appliances - We love Ultra Violet.

Looking to incorporate this special shade of purple into your kitchen? Here are 6 Ways to Use Ultra Violet in Your Kitchen.


1.) Appliances

Colored appliances can provide your kitchen with just the dose of color you've been looking for, without overwhelming the senses or draping the entire kitchen in purple. A purple appliance is a delightful addition to your kitchen and pairs well with coordinating shades like white, cream, silver, or mint green. Try pairing a purple refrigerator with clean white cabinets, or a purple stove with white subway tile backsplash. A minor appliance, like a purple microwave, is also an easy way to add a dose of color.

Looking for the perfect shade? Check out our Big Chill Custom Color Swatch with over 200 different hues.

Our Big Chill Custom Color options in Blue Lilac (left) and Red Lilac (right)


2.) Cabinets

Using purple on your cabinets can provide your kitchen with a dose of soothing color while invigorating the senses to produce an environment that is tranquil and calm. Purple cabinets can be either nuanced or flashy, depending on the shade of purple you choose to paint with. Purple cabinets work especially well in farmhouse style kitchens, perfectly coordinating with shabby chic elements. Pair purple cabinets with raw wood, brass, marble, and raw stone elements.

If looking for just a pop of purple on your cabinets, try painting your center island counter in a luscious shade of lavender while keeping the rest of your kitchen draped in neutral shades.


3.) Tile

Love the


4.) Accessories

From floral arrangements to delicate glassware, the color purple belongs on your kitchen accessories. This option is great for people looking to introduce the color purple into their kitchens without making any big changes or investments.

These days, cookware is available in nearly every shade of the rainbow, and tons of top-tier brands are jumping on the purple bandwagon. Invest in a set of purple pots and pans, or decorate your kitchen shelves with elegant purple glassware.


5.) Walls

Adding a purple wall to


6.) Furniture

Colorful furniture? Yes, please! For a pop of color that is less permanent than a painted wall or backsplash tile, the addition of purple furniture to your kitchen can provide just the dose of personality your kitchen needs. Purple dining furniture can add a soothing pop of color to an otherwise neutral space. A purple dish hutch can also provide the perfect background for displaying your glassware or dishware. Or maybe even your tea set collection, like the adorable purple-grape hutch below.


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