In the 1970s, American interior design changed to reflect a new regard for nature and environmental concerns. Based on America's newfound preoccupation with self-awareness and self-discovery, famed American novelist Tom Wolfe labeled the 1970s as "the Me Decade". Amidst rising inflation and an oil crisis, the American anti-establishment trend that got its start in 1960s continued, and was now more commonly expressed in home decor.

The bold designs and earth-toned colors of the 1970s made the kitchen the focal point of the household, reflecting in the delight of all things simple and natural.  The availability of new materials and the continuing inspiration of Space Age technologies resulted in a creation of many innovative and stylish design trends that are again popular today.

Design also began commonly reflecting an Asian cultural influence, which made popular the use of warm, muted colors and dark wooden accents. Trendy colors included avocado green, brown, burnt orange, and golden yellow.

Kitchens were now larger, with abundant storage and state-of-the-art appliances. Formica countertops and laminated kitchen cabinets were everywhere, finished in shades like brown moss or harvest gold. The dishwasher was now a common household appliance.

The leaves outside have changed colors, reminding us of the inspiration of nature in our homes and decor. Love fall and love the seventies? Here are 1970s Kitchens in Warm Autumn Tones, providing you with retro inspiration that will warm your home right up.


Patterned Wallpaper

Bold, patterned and foiled wallpapers adorned the walls of 1970s kitchens. Flowers, mushrooms, and geometrics were popular wall themes, typically painted in bright or bold earth-toned colors. A large, single wall might have been covered with a mural depicting natural colors, creating a contrasting backdrop to the smooth formica countertops and rich ceramic floor tiles.

Unexpected outdoor materials were also used for interior walls and cooking areas, including brick and wooden shingles. Wooden cabinetry gained popularity, and appliances were popular in colors like mustard yellow or finishes like stainless steel.





4-printed-wallpaper 4-printed-wallpaper-a


Eye-catching Backsplashes

A 1970s kitchen was all about the backsplash. Gorgeous and colorful tiles were arranged to frame kitchen sinks and appliances. Glass and metal tiles were popular choices for kitchen backsplash materials. Golden yellow, avocado green, silver, burnt orange, and purple were common color choices.

9-bright-accents 9-bright-accents-a


Green Accents & Hanging Plants

American interior design in the 1970s changed to reflect a collective new regard for nature and the environment, which meant that a natural color palette became more common in kitchens across the country.

Kitchens were covered in soothing green, gray, and brown tones, often accented with multiple hanging plants and exotic glass bulb light fixtures. Appliances, cookware, kitchen cabinets, and countertops were popular in bright green, avocado green, harvest gold, and chocolate brown.



3-plants 3-plants-a


Yellow, Orange, and Everything Warm

A popular look for a 1970s kitchen was bright, sunshiny, and modern. Even the more modest homes of the 70's saw the influence of the decade with bright pops of color and vivacious furnishings.

Kitchens were painted burnt orange or covered with patterned wallpaper, then accented with strong wooden ceiling beams or bold wooden cabinets and metal hardware.

Kitchen dinette sets were typically made with metal or plastic, now found in more organic shapes and often upholstered in bright neon vinyl. Appliances remained popular in warm yellow, burnt orange, and brown tones.

5-yelloworange 5-a

7.) 7-wood


8-wood-beams 8-wood-beams-a


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