10 Accent Colors Guaranteed to Make Your Kitchen Pop

Looking for a fresh start? A simple color change can update your kitchen in major ways, making your favorite room of the house shine like never before.  The right shade of color can turn your kitchen from drab to sophisticated, or add a bright pop of color to a color scheme that would have otherwise remained neutral.

Most people start their days in the kitchen, brewing that first cup of coffee or cooking up a nutritious breakfast (or maybe eating fresh donuts, no judgement!) A good pop of color in your kitchen will really wake you up the minute you step in it, energizing the room and making things feel fresh, clean, and updated.

There are multiple ways to make color really pop in a kitchen, either by adding it to the cabinets, the walls, your countertops, or on your beloved kitchen appliances. Choosing decorative colors can be a time-consuming process when there are so many shades to choose from, but there are a few colors proven to successfully introduce an easy pop of color into your home.

Each individual color has a meaning, and if you believe it, an individual personality type behind it. Which color best represents you, and the type of kitchen you like to spend your time in? Here are 10 Accent Colors Guaranteed to Make Your Kitchen Pop.

1.) Cobalt Blue

This rich shade of blue in a kitchen is both versatile and unique, but will still maintain a classic and polished feel. Dark blues work well in kitchens, but its important to accent the rest of the room with hints of white, gray or other neutral tones to keep it from feeling too intense or dark.  This striking color combo is enhanced by either stainless steel, polished nickel, or polished brass hardware.




2.) Turquoise

Turquoise in kitchens was a popular color choice in the 1950s, but is given a modern spin when paired with light, neutral, or dark color schemes. Turquoise is a versatile color choice, and will work with a variety of surfaces and materials. For a modern look, pair turquoise with granite or dark stone countertops. For a more beachy or shabby chic feel, pair turquoise with exposed wood or ornate cabinetry. An all-white kitchen is also well accented by the addition of a retro-style turquoise appliance.



3.) Aquamarine

Light blue is another color that works well in kitchens, and is a good way to introduce a pop of soothing color into your space. When lighter shades of blue are used, they can create a crisp, clean look that is recommended for cabinets, walls, appliances, or even the ceiling. Blue is an invigorating color that is cleansing to the palate, and works best when mixed with neutral colors like white or gray. Light blue in a kitchen pairs well with marble countertops or exposed raw wood.



4.) Lime Green

Green is a smart shade to use in the kitchen, promoting feelings of peace, grounding, and a connection to the outside environment. Lime green is an awesome and unexpected way to introduce a pop of color to your home, pairing nicely with white or wooden accents. A striking shade of lime green can add a jolt of energy to your kitchen when used for an accent wall, your cabinets, an appliance, or even the floor.



5.) Yellow

Like a ray of sunshine, the soothing quality of yellow can instantly brighten up any room. In your kitchen, yellow is also believed to make people hungry, and will instantly make people feel happy and calm in your space. Yellow can instantly make rooms feel bigger and brighter, and is a good option for small spaces. Yellow in a kitchen pairs well with white and gray accents, or adds a gentle pop of color when showcased on an appliance.



6.) Pink

Popular in the 1950s and 60s, pink was a top choice for kitchens across the United States. Pink is a romantic color, known to promote feelings of love, understanding, and femininity. In kitchens of today, pink is given a modern twist when paired with sleek surfaces like polished wood, granite, or marble countertops. Pink appliances can also add a pop of the versatile shade into your kitchen without overpowering the space with the introduction of color.



7.) Purple

Purple kitchens are a rarity, although purple is a unique and innovative color choice that is known to promote good feelings and mental health. When used in kitchens, purple is best showcased on walls, cabinets, or appliances, and looks polished and sophisticated when paired with modern surfaces or textures.

8.) Orange

Orange was a swingin' color choice for homes of the 1960s and 1970s, and a top choice for anybody looking to add a bright and easy pop of color to their household. Orange is a color known to promote happiness and optimism, and will cheer up any space that needs a pop of personality. Orange in kitchens looks good on cabinets, appliances, or on kitchen furniture and accessories.



9.) Red

Warmer colors such as red are believed to stimulate the appetite, and are an excellent option for kitchens or dining room spaces. Red is an incredibly versatile color, and there are multiples ways to make it really pop in a kitchen, either on the cabinets, the walls, or on a shiny cherry appliance.



10.) Black

From clothing to kitchens, black is a classic shade that is proven to a be a reliable choice. Black in kitchens is a solid decision, creating a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic that is easy to accessorize. Add black to your kitchen by way of cabinetry, accent walls, or a shiny black or matte black appliance.



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