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Purple transmits allure and romance, bringing a feeling of calmness and serenity to any space you use it in. Purple in your kitchen will bring a touch of tranquility and balance, as well as providing a splash of color with just a touch of royalty.

Crazy about color? The Big Chill custom color swatch offers over 200 custom colors and shades, purple included.


#4005 - Blue Lilac

Lilac has always had a strong association with love and romance throughout history. Blue-toned and refreshing, blue lilacs are said to symbolize happiness and tranquility. Using lilac in your kitchen will add an unexpected pop of color while still pairing with a wide variety of contrasting colors and textures.

blue lilac 1

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Big Chill Retro Collection in #4005 Blue Lilac

4005 Blue Lilac

Big Chill Custom Color #4005 Blue Lilac

#4001 Red Lilac

Magenta-toned lilacs are said to symbolize love and passion, and this purple shade will leave your kitchen feeling feminine and fresh.  This red-toned lilac shade is sophisticated and eye-catching, lending just enough of a red hue that the color remains balanced and harmonizing.

red lilac

4001 Red Lilac

Big Chill Custom Color #4001 Red Lilac

#4009 Lavender

Light purples, like lavender, are reminiscent of soft colors that appear in spring and summer when temperatures start to rise. Lavender is calm and tranquil, bringing to mind the flower of the same name known for its relaxing properties.  Lavender in your kitchen pairs well with shades like green, gray, or white, and also works with metals in practically any finish.

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Big Chill Retro Original Refrigerator in #4009 Lavender.

4009 Lavender

Big Chill Custom Color #4009 Lavender

#4004 Claret Violet and #4007 Purple Violet

These dark purple shades are deep and sophisticated, instantly adding contrast and personality when used on something unexpected like a kitchen appliance. Dark purple appliances pair particularly well with contrasting light countertops, cabinets, or subway tile.

Pro_Fridge_Straight_Purple-Violet copy 2

Big Chill Pro Refrigerator #4007 Purple Violet

4004 Claret Violet:4007 Purple Violet

Big Chill Custom Colors #4004 Claret Violet and #4007 Purple Violet

#4006 Traffic Purple and #4008 Signal Violet

These bright and punchy purple shades are for the vibrant appliance owner, one who is not afraid of color and sure knows how to use it. Pair these electric shades with other bright colors like yellow or green for a fun color-contrast, or pair with more muted shades like white or gray to accentuate the purple's pop.

4006 Traffic Purple:4008 Signal Violet

Big Chill Custom Colors #4006 Traffic Purple and #4008 Signal Violet.

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