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A kitchen is a great place for the color green, being the room where we refuel and refresh. Shades of green are revitalizing, symbolic of new beginnings and a representation of nature's refreshing qualities. For those looking to invite the essence of nature into one’s home, how can the color green successfully be introduced into your kitchen? For us, the color green looks particularly charming on kitchen appliances.

Green is nature’s neutral. Symbolic of nature, the color green is said to signal us to take a deep breath, reinvigorate, and oxygenate. Using green in your kitchen can uplift you on even the darkest of days, and evokes the first days of spring when nature’s greens are restored, revived, and renewed.

Green is good!

Big Chill Custom Colors - Green

Big Chill offers over 200 shades of custom colors. With over 30 shades of green, our custom color swatch can offer you an appliance in the color of your dreams. Hunter green? Lime green? Grass green? Something in-between? Whatever your green-loving heart desires, we have the right color match for you.

Check out our entire spectrum of colors with our Big Chill custom color swatch.


Big Chill custom colors from left to right: 6001 Emerald Green, 6024 Traffic Green, 6018 Yellow Green, 6016 Turquoise Green, 6021 Pale Green, 6013 Reed Green

Pale Green

Big Chill Original Refrigerator in custom color #6021 Pale GreenGreen Gray

Big Chill Classic Refrigerator in custom color #7009 Green GreyOpal GreenBig Chill Pro Refrigerator in custom color #6026 Opal Green

Jadeite Green

One of the nine standard colors in our Retro Collection, Big Chill's Jadeite Green is the daiquiri green color of your dreams. This light yet vibrant green adds the perfect dose of color to your kitchen without overwhelming the senses, and pairs with a wide range of colors, textures, and materials. Daiquiri green is one of the predicted color trends for 2019 and Jadeite Green is the perfect match. This refreshing color looks particularly charming when paired with wooden accents, silver-toned metals, and classic subway tiles.


Big Chill Retro 36" Stove and Original Refrigerator in Jadeite Green9214

Big Chill Retro Original Refrigerator in Jadeite Green1718Big Chill Retropolitan Refrigerator in Jadeite Green

Basil Green

One of the nine standard colors in our Pro Collection, Basil Green is a bright and eye-catching shade that evokes the vibrant green color palettes that are commonly found in nature. This shade of green is rich with personality, resembling the stunning shades of green that reveal themselves during spring and summer seasons.

greenBig Chill Pro Refrigerator in Basil Greenbasil green

Big Chill Pro 48" Stove in Basil Green


Big Chill Pro Microwave in Basil Green

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