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While teal might not be the first color you think of when choosing your kitchens color palette, the bold hue is a stunning choice for those looking to decorate outside the box. Teals deep blue-green color creates instant depth in any space that you use it in, and your kitchen is no exception.

Teal compliments everything from kitchen cabinets to kitchen floors, looking especially stunning when paired with contrasting shades like a crisp white, lilac, or pale gray. Teal appliances can also be the sole colorful accessory in your kitchen, creating an instant pop of color for the eye to focus on while the rest of your kitchen can stay neutral. Or create a backsplash behind your stove or sink from teal tile, accessorizing with copper or gold hardware on either your appliances or your sink.

The color teal can conjure up images of the deep blue sea, creating a cool toned kitchen that is both cozy and welcoming. Looking for a color that is both dramatic and peaceful at the same time? Teal is a rare gem. Here are 6 Creative Ways to Include Teal in Your Kitchen.


1.) Cabinets

Teal kitchen cabinets are gaining popularity with homeowners and interior designers, fitting a wide variety of decorative styles and trends. This deep blue-green pairs well with numerous textures and materials, like wood, stone, metal, or tile. Using teal on your cabinets also leaves you with a generous amount of complementary color pairings, as teal matches well with both bright and neutral color schemes.

Pair teal cabinets with retro-style appliances for an eclectically vintage look, or pair with a backsplash that uses classic subway tiles. A white farmhouse sink also complements teal cabinets, as does a metal sink made from copper or bronze. Teal is also a good candidate for your kitchens island counter, creating a sophisticated pop of color while the rest of the kitchen can stay neutral.


2.) Walls

Teal walls in your kitchen make a statement, even if you only decide to paint one wall and keep the rest of the kitchen completely neutral. If you have white cabinets, painting your walls teal is almost always a home run, as the rich blue-green shade creates a satisfying contrast when paired with crisp white surfaces. Artwork can usually be kept to a minimum with teal walls, as the color creates enough depth to entertain the senses. Teal walls also pair well with gray, black, green, and yellow.


3.) Floors

Want to use the color teal in an unexpected way? Look no further than your floors, as the color teal create a creative and refreshing surface underneath your feet that equates to a dive in the ocean (at least in a decorative sense...)

Pair teal floors in your kitchen with retro-style appliances in crisp white for an instant winning combination, or with a retro refrigerator in mint green like the chic kitchen below.


4.) Backsplash

Teal backsplash tile in your kitchen creates an instant cooling effect, sculpting a textured surface behind your sink or appliances that is full of depth and personality. Teal's rich and saturated color is reminiscent of deep ocean waves, resulting in a cool and collected space that pairs well with numerous design schemes.

Pair teal backsplash tile with metal appliances and hardware for a pleasant contrast of materials, or with a white farmhouse sink for a winning clash of light and dark tones. Open shelving made from raw wood also pairs perfectly with teal backsplash tile.


5.) Appliances

If looking to make a teal-colored statement in your kitchen that is truly unique, there is no better option than a custom colored teal appliance. A colored appliance in a rich color like teal makes decorating your kitchen easy, as they can hold their own as the centerpiece in kitchens that are otherwise completely neutral. Pair a retro-inspired teal refrigerator in a kitchen with white cabinets, or a teal stove in front of a white subway tile backsplash for a striking yet classic contrast.

Check out our Big Chill Custom Color Swatch to find your perfect shade of teal appliances.


Big Chill custom colors in #6026 Opal Green (left) and #6016 Turquoise Green (right)

6.) Accessories

Adding teal accessories to your kitchen is the easiest way to introduce the refreshing hue to your color scheme, allowing you to play around with the color without any serious commitments. Small kitchen appliances, like microwaves, mixers, and blenders are available in the color teal, giving you a taste of the bold hue without overwhelming the space. Teal dishware and glassware also pair perfectly with classic options like porcelain white dishes or crystal clear glasses. 


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