At Big Chill, we’re not big into secrets, which is why we want to share our secret to success. Many of you have wondered how we’ve managed to create such a unique and delightful fridge, and we’re here to let you in on our secret family recipe. It takes a dash of retro, a pinch of modern, and a cup chock-full of dedicated workers committed to traditional techniques that make our vintage fridges both authentic and high quality.

So how do we do it?

Simple. We love retro, but we love technology too. We start creating our vintage fridge with a modern foundation that features all the up-to-date amenities. From there we mix our modern base with retro design by using our secret ingredient: a traditional stamping process like they would in the 1950s to create the authentic steel doors. To give it eye-popping color, we use a powder coating process heated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit that creates a quality durable finish. Then we fit genuine chrome trim around the edges to give it a nice shine, and chrome-plated handles are installed to polish Big Chill’s classic retro look.

The steps are simple enough to follow, but the end result? A masterpiece you can sink your retro-loving teeth into. And with that, you have our recipe for a Big Chill Fridge. Enjoy!