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Your Big Book of Kitchen Tips!

Here’s your big book of 50 Hacks & Organization Tips for Your Kitchen…

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Almost everyone has a favorite color, or if not a specific favorite there is at least a color choice out there that draws your attention more than others. Like that moment when you see a fancy automobile, or a new shiny appliance in your favorite color and think, “That color is SO me.”



How I Designed My First Product | Big Chill

Customers often ask me how we design new appliances here at Big Chill.  Here’s a quick tutorial showing our creative process from start to finish on the Original Big Chill fridge.


In 2001, my aunt and uncle were starting construction on a unique beach house in California.  It was new construction designed to feel like an early-century beach home.  The only thing missing was the retro refrigerator.  My aunt wanted a vintage refrigerator but my uncle didn’t want the hassle of a mid-century appliance.  (more…)


Essential Design Elements
A well done retro kitchen can turn any modern home into a cozy and welcoming space, where family and visitors will always feel welcome to join you for a cup of coffee or a home-cooked meal. There are many things to love about the American diners of the 1940’s and 50’s, with the bright colors, inviting bar stools, and nostalgic memorabilia providing to be an exciting experience every time. Retro kitchens maintain a playful personality that can’t be mistaken or replicated, utilizing vintage pieces and aesthetics for a unique and colorful feel. (more…)