I love my Big Chill fridge. I've owned it for almost 3 years...and I've can't imagine life without it. ( Her name is Betty ) You do need the right space, for the quirkiness. I live in an old loft, and it was perfect. The fridge is more like a piece of art, than an appliance...however,it also runs perfectly. I don't need a high tech refrigerator! The staff was very nice and delivery was easy. I'm saving up, to get the stove!

LML - Denver, Co

We got the refrigerator and do we love it! Even the delivery guys had to comment on how “cool” it was. When my husband got home he said he wanted to drive it around the block a few times (our car is a ’53 Chevy and they’ve much in common). Thanks so much for making an amazing, top-rate product that gives folk like us an alternative to the gigantic, ugly, silver fridges on the market today.

- San Francisco, CA

Omigod.  I just received the fridge and dishwasher.  These things are beautiful. Why doesn’t everyone buy these? Unbelievably beautiful.


Hey Hey What the hey!!!

Ask me why I am so happy today?  I received my Big Chill Icebox (Refrigerator that is) today.  And I love it.  Everything was so easy..The delivery was great.  The guys who delivered the fridge were the best…Your customer service when I ordered the fridge couldn’t have been more helpful and accommodating…What a great experience and the greatest refrigerator ever… The Beach Blue is awesome.. Keep up the good work…Thanks much

- North Massapequa, NY

Thanks so much for delivering my beautiful Big Chill studio fridge.  I absolutely LOVE it.  Your customer service was fantastic and the finished product is super-snazzy.  Thanks again for everything!


We had our fridge delivered 8 days ago, and we are so happy with it. It looks so beautiful in our little adobe house here in New Mexico. Thanks for making the whole process easy and quick.

(By the way, the freight guys and our contractors love the fridge, and several people have asked us if the fridge was original with the house.)

Thanks again,

- New Mexico

Hi!  Wanted to be sure you received my pictures from my installation.  I adore them – they look way cool in my 1919 Arts & Crafts Bungalow.  Getting rave reviews.  I am an outside sales rep in the interior design field.  My customers saw the pictures and LOVE your product!

- Los Angeles, CA

I just bought the cherry red fridge and I love it. Lots of people ask me about it and I just gave away my only brochure, so I would like another one to share if possible. Send me a few and I can get the word out. Thanks!

- Yountville, CA

The fridge is AMAZING and all my friends tell me it’s their favorite part of the kitchen. I’ve attached pictures of the before and after. Once everything is finalized, I’ll send a better picture that you can feel free to use as a “satisfied customer” reference, if you wish.



I just wanted to forward a pic of our new fridge in our kitchen. It ties in very well with the Carrara glass kitchen. We just put our house in the neighborhood tour of homes and the fridge was a hit.

Thank you,


I am the proud owner of a jadite green Big Chill fridge which I love and cherish and which is the envy of my friends. Thank you, and thank you also for “making” my kitchen!!!

- Long Beach, CA