2021 Fall Edit: Premium Colors
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2021 Fall Edit

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Photo by: Catherine Nguyen

Big Chill Fall Edit
Paris in the Fall

Big Chill is pleased to announce the launch of its 2021 Fall Edit, a curated palette of custom colors designed in collaboration with President and Lead Designer of MA Allen Interiors, MA Allen. Tapped to dress the silhouette of Big Chill's iconic three collections - Classic, PRO, and Retro - with a striking selection of colors, the highly sought-after North Carolina designer, known for her bold signature style was a natural fit for the fourth edition of the brand's seasonal custom color program. For the palette, MA drew inspiration from her favorite city, curating a medley of colors reminiscent of Parisian cafes and their signature awnings.
Carmine Red Color Swatch
Carmine Red
Moss Green Color Swatch
Moss Green
Signal Blue Color Swatch
Signal Blue
Grey White Color Swatch
Grey White
MA Allen

MA Allen, MA Allen Interiors
Raleigh, NC

MA Allen, MA Allen Interiors
Raleigh, NC

MA Allen, Owner & Lead Designer of MA Allen Interiors, is one of today's most sought after emerging designers. Her luxury interiors combine clean lines with a modern sensibility, allowing every space to be rich yet comfortable. Her ability to layer bold colors, patterns and texture with a contemporary feel has established her signature style. Through extensive travel nationally and internationally, MA has created a personal style that is collected, classic and clean while maintaining a strong sense of sophistication.

“Paris in the fall is magical, from fashion to architecture and everything in between. My color collection champions both the modern and the timeless, much like the city itself.”

MA Allen, MA Allen Interiors

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