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Retro Lives on Inside the Tarquinio Kitchen

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At Big Chill we put a modern twist on retro, but we also hold a special place in our heart for authentic vintage! We were more than impressed when we came across the Tarquinio retro kitchen from Richmond, Indiana—we couldn’t believe it was still functioning so well 60 years later. Not to mention the design has our nostalgic hearts aflutter! Take a look through this fabulously vintage kitchen and tell us what you think in the comments—we hope you are just as captivated as we were!

Pin Big Chill on Pinterest

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No need to set down your wine glasses ladies, you heard us right! We are now pinning with our own Pinterest account! If you’re a Pinterest fanatic with love for all things retro then you won’t want to miss out—follow us on Pinterest (click here to view: to see our latest styles and product news as well as view cool design ideas and other vintage kitchens. Who knows, you might just become pin-spired to put a new retro spin on your kitchen!

Do you have other pin-sprational ideas for us to pin? Let us know in the comments below!

Kitchen Cousins TV Show Starring Big Chill!

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The appliances you’ve seen on your favorite television shows are ready for your kitchen!

Kitchen Cousins

Kitchen Cousins is one of our favorite television shows, and not just because they seem to like Big Chill appliances as much as we do. In any kitchen design those handsome cousins have created, the Big Chill refrigerator or stove have fit in seamlessly. We like to think it is because our vintage-inspired appliances are timeless, but we know that it could be because the Kitchen Cousins are pretty talented, too.

Unfortunately, we can’t all have the Kitchen Cousins design our kitchens for us. But the Big Chill appliances they use are available for everyone. Other celebrities have used us in their own kitchens, which you can check out here. Or read through some of our clients’ testimonials to see why Big Chill appliances are used by many popular television shows like the Kitchen Cousins.

Cool Vintage Ideas to Bring ‘50s Charm to Your Dinner Party

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We were recently inspired by TrèsSugar with an article entitled, “Weddings Through the Decades: Retro ‘50s Inspiration.” These fun vintage ideas are great for weddings but some of them could work for a simple dinner party. We’ve compiled suggestions from this article to create a list of five cool ideas to bring ‘50s charm to your dinner party.

1. Red and Aqua Color Palette

We love this pairing of vintage-inspired colors; you could theme your whole party with this color scheme and have your guests awed with the pretty colors and retro vibe. (Not to mention, this would look great with our Cherry Red Big Chill Fridge!)

Photo by The Life You Love Photography via Style Me Pretty

2. Pinup Paper Doll Invitations

What better way to invite your guests to a vintage inspired party than using pretty pinup invitations? We’re sure guests will be delighted with the charming paper dolls.

Photo by Joielala Photographie via 100 Layer Cake

3. Classic Coke Bottles

For an easy and fun way to create ‘50s nostalgia, why not provide guests with Coke from classic glass Coke bottles—throw in some straws and you’ll have your guests enjoying soda the old-fashioned way.

Photo by Amie Otto Photography via Ruffled

4. Striped Straws

Another easy idea this article suggests is using striped straws—these would be fun in the Coke bottles mentioned above or any old lemonade mix.

Photo by Ever Whim Photographs via Ruffled

5. Vintage Dessert Bar

Why not create a vintage candy dessert bar? Guests can help themselves to tasty sweets as they please, and the presentation will charm the room and have your guests tickled pink.

Photo by Jen Huang Photography via Ruffled

For more fun ideas check out the article we mentioned—we’re sure your dinner party will be a hit, and what better way to show off your Big Chill fridge after all?

Behind the Scenes of Big Chill: How to Make a Retro Fridge Modern

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At Big Chill, we’re not big into secrets, which is why we want to share our secret to success. Many of you have wondered how we’ve managed to create such a unique and delightful fridge, and we’re here to let you in on our secret family recipe. It takes a dash of retro, a pinch of modern, and a cup chock-full of dedicated workers committed to traditional techniques that make our vintage fridges both authentic and high quality.

So how do we do it?

Simple. We love retro, but we love technology too. We start creating our vintage fridge with a modern foundation that features all the up-to-date amenities. From there we mix our modern base with retro design by using our secret ingredient: a traditional stamping process like they would in the 1950s to create the authentic steel doors. To give it eye-popping color, we use a powder coating process heated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit that creates a quality durable finish. Then we fit genuine chrome trim around the edges to give it a nice shine, and chrome-plated handles are installed to polish Big Chill’s classic retro look.

The steps are simple enough to follow, but the end result? A masterpiece you can sink your retro-loving teeth into. And with that, you have our recipe for a Big Chill Fridge. Enjoy!

Big Chill Goes Small with the New Big Chill Microwave

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At Big Chill we aim to give kitchens the ultimate retro-modern upgrade. From bold retro stoves, to cool vintage fridges, we have kitchens all over the U.S. looking retro-tastic! As we came across gorgeous photos from Big Chill kitchens around the nation, we became inspired to expand our Big Chill family even further.

May we introduce to you (cue the trumpets!) the NEW Big Chill Microwave:

This is 1200 watts of vintage perfection. Like our other appliances, this retro microwave is only vintage in design. It comes with all the modern amenities you’d expect in a current day microwave including three reheat options and four defrost options. That’s a lot of options! But we bet you wouldn’t expect any less from Big Chill. Complete your kitchen with the smallest member of Big Chill, and watch this little guy work its retro magic.

The Retro Room: 3 Tips to Accent Your Kitchen with Orange

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We L-O-V-E orange at Big Chill, but its bold statement might seem a little on the wild side to those who are more attuned to white. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 3 tips that will help create the orangeinspiration you’ve been looking for. We guarantee you’ll think twice before overlooking orange after glancing through these ideas.

1.  Creamy Greys, Yellows and Reds

Check out this pretty color palate from They have hundreds of beautiful palates to admire, but we deem this little vibrant display perfect when working with our Big Chill Orange.

2.  Easy Decorations

You don’t have to frequent an art gallery to find vibrant inspirations for your orange kitchen; something as simple as a bowl of oranges or a vase of flowers can do the trick.

3.  Add Some Character

Not to say your Big Chill Fridge doesn’t have enough character of its own, but check out this neat clock we found at! Its fun design goes great with our retro vibe and makes a great addition to a bare wall.

We hope these ideas got those wheels turning in your head and inspired you with some fun creative decoration solutions. Now be not afraid orange lovers—go out and create the orange kitchen of your dreams!

Pretty in…White? A Peek at Drew Barrymore’s Kitchen

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At Big Chill we’re known for bright colors, but that doesn’t mean we skip on tradition. Check out the traditional white color Drew Barrymore sports in her kitchen. This kitchen features colorful walls and cabinets, which create beautiful accents for the lovely centerpiece: the Big Chill fridge. Her pretty chandelier and cute kitchenware also act as stunning highlights to the main attraction. White doesn’t have to be boring—a lesson we’ve learned from Drew Barrymore herself.

Love the look? Try it out for yourself! The only thing she may be missing is a matching dishwasher and stove—a girl’s got to eat after all!