Sparkling White Kitchens with Big Chill Appliances

The dawn of each New Year brings the promise of a fresh start, and an opportunity to clear your mind and household of all that is unnecessary for the welcoming of the year ahead. January is generally regarded as the month to 'wipe the slate clean', where resolutions are created and hope is held for new beginnings. In color psychology, white represents neutrality, opening the mind for anything creative and creating a blank canvas just waiting to be written on. White is a reflective hue; a color of complete purity, calm, and perfection.

When it comes to your kitchen, white is cleanliness personified, offering a sense of peace and organization. It creates a sense of order and efficiency, and can be a great inspiration if you need a little help decluttering your life and home.

These kitchens are all sparkling white in hue, offering a canvas for which to add your own touches of personality. Looking for a pop of color? The addition of a bright and colorful appliance to your white kitchen is sure to add the perfect imprint of the other color spectrum personalities. Or if you prefer to keep it neutral, a traditional white appliance is a classic choice for your kitchen and will never go out of style.

Looking for a little inspiration for a fresh start this New Year? Here are Sparkling White Kitchens with Big Chill Appliances.


If you prefer to keep it neutral, a traditional white appliance is a classic choice for your kitchen. A white appliance will instantly make any kitchen feel established, with white being the first color choice for the creation of the first refrigerator in 1927. The choice of a white appliance is time-honored, and fits in many types of household decor schemes. Add a white appliance to your kitchen to invoke refreshing and purifying qualities.


White & Green

Green remains to be a popular color choice for kitchen appliances, with mint green, jadeite green, and sea-foam green being among the favorite shades. In the 1940's and 50's, pastel green refrigerators and stoves were common color choices for appliances, and were often accentuated with pink or black accessories. If you have a white kitchen, the addition of a green appliance invokes feelings of awareness, refreshment, and revitalization.


White & Turquoise

Turquoise was an extremely popular color scheme for kitchens of the 1950's, and still remains a popular choice to this day. In a white kitchen, a turquoise appliance can instantly invoke a 'beachy' home decor theme, and is an invigorating color choice that is both unique and creative. Having a turquoise appliance in your kitchen is like having your very own sparkling jewel. A jewel that will also keep your drinks cold, your soup hot, and your dishes clean. A win/win!


White, Pink, & Yellow

Pink and yellow appliances were popular in kitchens of the 1950's, when pastel colors schemes were all the rave of modern household decor. If you have a white kitchen, the addition of a pink appliance can instantly add a sense of femininity and charm. The addition of a yellow appliance into a white kitchen will evoke feelings of happiness and warmth.


White with Dark Accents

While white is a refreshing and neutral shade, the addition of a dark accent to a blank canvas creates a color contrast that is both powerful and unparalleled. If you have a white kitchen, adding a dark appliance can become a decorating statement on its own. Dark appliances invoke feelings of sophistication and modernity, and can be the perfect dramatic accessory to your all white kitchen or household.


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Sparkling White Kitchens with Big Chill Appliances

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