The color black has a high impact in the heart of the home, adding a touch of glamour to whichever space you choose to use it. Looking to incorporate black into your kitchen? If going for a bold and classy statement, a black kitchen is for you.

In your kitchen, black works in mysterious ways, leaving a dramatic mark no matter the style of the room. Black doesn’t just mean one type of black, as there are different finishes to each color that suit various textures and complimentary shades. Matte black kitchens give off a truly distinctive look, pairing especially well with bold metal accessories and raw wooden accents. A shiny black kitchen is truly elegant, pairing well with marble countertops or clean subway tiles.

Bright whites and metallic tones look beautiful with a black kitchen, accentuating the simplicity that the space provides rather than taking away from the room. Or if looking to add a touch of color, use a touch of your favorite accent shade on cabinet hardware, kitchen accessories, or as a trim for your kitchen counters. With a black canvas in your kitchen, anything goes. Feel free to have fun and get creative!

Black is back, baby, and we love the drama. Here are 4 Ways to Use Black in Your Kitchen. 


1.) Cabinets

Black cabinets are not for the faint of heart, making for a bold backdrop for all of your kitchen activities and accessories. That being said, black cabinets will give you kitchen instant depth, providing a shade of sophistication that can only be achieved by the addition of a dark color.

Black cabinets work with a variety of colors and textures, leaving you with plenty of options when it comes to using them in your kitchen. For a classic contrast pair black cabinets with crisp white surfaces, like a white marble countertop or white subway tile backsplash. Black cabinets also pair well with pretty much any type of wooden countertop or any type of metal. Try using black cabinets in your kitchen with shiny silver, aged-bronze, or glowing copper.


2.) Appliances

Love the look of black in the kitchen but don't want to commit to black cabinets or walls? The addition of a black appliance can add the pop of drama you're looking for without overwhelming the palette.

A black appliance can be matched with pretty much any color you like, although look particularly striking with white walls, cabinets, or a white tile backsplash. Black appliances also work well with colors like olive green, charcoal gray, cream, or a dusty blue.

Love the color black paired with metallics? Check out our Big Chill Classic Stove in black with either chrome, brushed brass, or satin nickel trim.


3.) Walls

Black walls are the new white walls! The addition of a black wall in your kitchen will provide instant depth and elegance, darkening up any space and oftentimes eliminating the need for artwork. Black walls work well in kitchens with a lot of natural light, paired with contrasting accessories in shades like white, cream, gray, tan, or green. Black walls also pair well with raw wooden furniture and kitchen accessories, like cutting boards or wooden bowls.


4.) Backsplash

A backsplash can be the star of your kitchen, instantly giving the eye something to gravitate to by all who enter your space. While a classic white tile backsplash will never go out of style, there is something refreshing and unique about the addition of a bold black backsplash (try saying that ten times fast...)

A black backsplash can be achieved with glass tiles, marble, stone, or any material you find daring enough. Frame your backsplash behind a sink or appliance with brass hardware for a contrast that is eye-catching and sophisticated.


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