After much blood, sweat and tears, Big Chill is excited to announce the launch of our 48” Pro range. The latest edition to the Big Chill family compliments our line of appliances celebrating the Pro/modern era in American kitchens.

Big Chill was founded in 2001 by Orion Creamer, who brought his love of American period design to our now famous original fridge.  Since 2001, we’ve continued to broaden our offering – first by expanding our series of retro kitchen appliances, and then by adding two further design periods, a Classic (1920s) era and a modern “Pro” (2000s) era.

Watch Big Chill Co-founder, Orion Creamer explain more in this launch video...


Our 48” range is the latest member of our distinguished Pro Series appliances, continuing our celebration of the modern period where consumers demand appliances that can replicate the types of recipes they enjoy at high-end restaurants. 

The 48” range was a huge project, and it took us years to perfect.  We gave our design team a near impossible task: to deliver a product with exceptional cooking performance, brilliant yet definitive styling, custom colors to allow for individual expression and taste, that is built in America, at a price that won’t break a budget.


They knocked our socks off.  In our 48”, we are delivering the very finest cooking performance we’ve ever offered, including

8 sealed burners ranging in performance from a gentle simmer to powerful 18,000 BTUs

A large capacity main oven that fits a 26” wide baking sheet

An ultra-premium infrared burner that delivers 1850 degrees of heat

A secondary oven with superior cooking balance and everyday utility

Almost as impressive as what’s included, is what’s not.  Anyone stepping into a commercial kitchen will instantly be struck by how simple real professional cooking appliances are.  Bells and whistles that aren’t core to cooking performance and easily break were left out by our team, just like they are on the ranges that chefs use.  We’ll leave those complicating features and costly repairs to the other guys.

Also, to keep costs low, we’re not spending a lot of money on fancy advertising or glossy brochures.  We’re offering it direct from the internet to you, with no middlemen.  And we’re sure that once you discover us and start cooking, you’ll never look back.

Why buy a 48” range?  One reason is flexibility – our 8 burners offer a wide range of size and power ratings, so you can gently sautee a sauce just as easily as you can flambe your favorite desert. Many fans of 48” ranges rave about the small second ovens – typically used twice as frequently as the larger ovens because of how quickly and easily they operate.  Other chefs keep a butcher block over two burners to maintain counter space, but then put them to use when hosting thanksgiving or other large gatherings.  Whatever your preference, we think you’ll find that the extra features and performance expand your cooking range beyond what you ever dreamt was possible.

If you’re looking for a smaller range in the same line, check out our popular 30” and 36” Pro ranges.  If you like the bolder styling of our retro era, we offer a 30” and 36” retro range.  And finally, for those who want to fashion a vintage range from 1920s period, check out our classic range and matching hood.

Whatever your tastes, we think you’ll have no trouble finding your personal style with Big Chill.  Please call us at the factory if you have any questions 1-877-842-3269, or download the specs on the 48” Pro here.