A kitchen island is positioned to be in the direct center of your kitchen, naturally becoming the focal point of the space.  They are powerful workhorses, often making the “main” kitchen countertops fade into the background. Because of this, it is important to select an island that compliments the decor in your kitchen. Whether you choose an island that contrasts or coordinates with the rest of your household, there are many different shapes and types of island counters to draw inspiration from.

Kitchen islands add style and efficiency to your household, increasing counter space, storage space, and providing additional seating for guests.Whether you need an island to bake, cook, or help with additional storage solutions, a kitchen island provides to be a versatile expansion to your culinary kingdom. Add an additional sink, dishwasher, wine chiller, mini fridge, or use it as an inconspicuous hiding spot for your pull out trash cans. Whatever your use for your center island counter, you’ll be sure to reap the benefits of adding additional storage and style to your kitchen.

When choosing a center island counter for your home, here are many different design aesthetics and themes to draw inspiration from. Looking for a kitchen island with creativity and style? Here are some Inspired Center Island Counters for Your Perfect Kitchen.


Dark Wood

Dark wooden countertops can provide to be the perfect statement for your kitchen, complimenting a broad range of colors and decor themes. For a center island counter, dark wooden countertops remain to be a popular choice among homeowners seeking a sophisticated look. Dark wooden countertops are commonly made from teak, tigerwood, black walnut, cherry, zebrawood, wormy chestnut, wenge, or genuine mahogany.



Light Wood

Light wood counter tops can extremely complimentary to your kitchen, giving off a rustic and authentic aesthetic that isn't too dark or overwhelming. Light or pale wood pairs nicely with white painted cabinets or cabinets painted in dark shades. Popular choices for light wooden countertops are beech, hickory, or hard maple.




Thick marble countertops add an instant sophisticated look to your kitchen, providing an elegant and sturdy surface for your center island counter. Marble is available in a wide variety of natural colorations, available in hues of white, black, gray, yellow, green, and pink. White marble is generally the first choice for kitchen counters, and is an adaptable choice, mixing well with a variety of styles and materials. Marble in your kitchen pairs well with stainless steel, wood, or tile, and can be dressed up with either a polished finish or relaxed with a casual honed finish.



Dark Granite

Dark granite countertops are a versatile addition to your kitchen, quickly adding a sturdy, strong, and powerful aesthetic. Center island counters look striking topped with dark granite, and are nicely complimented by either white or light wooden cabinets. Dark granite also pairs well with appliances in either stainless steel, gold, or copper finishes.




A bright and airy kitchen is perfectly complimented by cabinets painted in a light or dark gray, and look perfectly polished when paired with marble or dark wood countertops. A kitchen island counter painted in gray provides to be a neutral addition to your kitchen that is versatile, useful, and can be accentuated with either muted or bright color schemes.




A kitchen island looks good painted in any color of blue, and this refreshing hue looks good with marble, stone, or wooden countertops of any shade. For a quick pick me up to your already existing center island counters, a new set of bar stools can really refresh the vibe of your kitchen. For an easy pop of color and personality, go for bar stools in bright and vibrant shades or patterns.




A splash of turquoise on your kitchen island counter creates an instant beachy or tropical aesthetic, and can add the perfect pop of color to your culinary haven. Adding a bright color like turquoise to your island counter can be the perfect trick if you're looking to add some visual appeal to an all white or neutrally colored kitchen. Go for a 'beach-chic' aesthetic with an island painted in turquoise and topped with a quartz countertop, or go for a vintage look by matching your turquoise island to your retro turquoise appliance.



Mint Green

Mint green was a popular color choice for retro kitchens of the 1940's and 1950's, and looks great in modern kitchens when paired with complimentary color schemes and textures like dark wood, stainless steel, gray, or white. Your kitchen island can be quickly brightened up and refreshed with the introduction of the color mint green, and can be showcased on your painted cabinets, upholstered barstools, or colored appliances.



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