Your kitchen is the heart of the home, or at least functions as the main watering hole during hot summer months. When temperatures rise, hours can easily be spent daydreaming of strolling through lush green forests or afternoons spent swimming in the deep blue sea.

Do you find yourself dreaming of cooler temperatures? Are you in need of a refreshing color palette to match?

The color wheel is divided into warm and cool colors. On the cool side of the color spectrum are shades like green, blue, and violet, while the warm side of the spectrum has shades like red, yellow, and orange. In the hot months of summer, cool colors are said to refresh the senses. Like the water, sky, and greenery of the earth, these cool colors are soothing to the palette, bringing a sense of calm and tranquility to any space they enter.

In your kitchen, cool shades of blues and greens pair well with a variety of colors and textures, making them a classic choice for home decor. Pair these bold nautical colors with a neutral background like white, beige, or taupe for a look that is sleek and sophisticated, or use a blue-toned gray throughout your kitchen for a look that is clean and cool.

The kitchen is room where you go for a cold glass of something delicious, using your refrigerator as a solace when the sun rules the thermostat. Looking to create a space where you can really chill out? Here is Hot Out There! 5 Kitchen Colors to Cool You Down.


1.) Deep Teal

Like a crown jewel, teal is defined as a dark greenish-blue color, fitting somewhere on the color scale between - you guessed it - green and blue. Teal radiates the peace and tranquility of blue while still maintaining the balance of the color green, making it a classic color choice for your kitchen that will never go out of style. This deep and refreshing color is sophisticated enough to please even the pickiest of palettes.

In your kitchen, use this dazzling color on your walls, cabinets, appliances, or the backsplash behind your stove or sink. This shade is sure to help define the space, and is a show stopping color choice that can easily become the focal point and eliminate the need for artwork.

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2.) French Blue

Oh, how fancy you must be!

This soft, powdered medium-blue was once a traditional color choice for kitchens and breakfast nooks, sure to please guests with even the finest of tastes. Pair this forever-classic with warm metallic fixtures or keep things cool with the addition of icy silver appliances. This refreshing blue looks beautiful on cabinets, walls, or when paired with white kitchen tiles and accessories.

European tastes? See the Big Chill Classic Stove in French Blue.

3.) Dove Gray

The color gray usually comes to mind when thinking of the cooler months of the year, making it the perfect shade to help keep things fresh in the warmer months of summer. Love a monochromatic kitchen? Layer multiple shades of gray for a neutral contrast that won't overwhelm your space, or pair with bright shades like orange or yellow for an unexpected pop of color

In your kitchen, use gray on both your upper and lower cabinets to create a contrast between white walls. Look for gray shades with a hint of blue to set the base for a cool-toned kitchen. Pair gray walls with white subway tile and silver appliances for a modern look that always feels crisp and clean.

4.) Navy Blue

Navy blue - a classic color choice that is cool enough to remain current. Thinking of the deep blue sea? Navy is a strong and sophisticated color that will easily become the focal point of your kitchen.

Use navy on kitchen cabinet doors or on your center island counter, framing them with white or light accessories for a classic color contrast. Pair navy with light or dark marble in white, gray, or blue for a sleek and polished look, or stick with raw wood for a pairing that is refreshingly nautical.


5.) Deep Green

Are the hot temperatures of summer conjuring up visions of lush rainforests or heavily wooded pine groves? For those of us looking to escape the heat, sometimes we need to be able to do it from the convenience of our very own kitchens. Enter a deep and dark green, which works beautifully when painted on kitchen cabinets, walls, or countertops.

Pair this sophisticated green with marble or wooden accents, keeping things fresh with the addition of white appliances and accessories.


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