New Interface Designed With Customers in Mind

Today, Big Chill is proud to share the unveiling of the new,  re-energized Big Chill website with our customers and fans. Buying one of our unique appliances should be a fun, exciting experience, and so we’ve built our new site with the customer top of mind. The new site is equipped with improved navigation aimed at enhancing user experience. From more inspirational content to a focus on the history of our company, from the very first Big Chill Fridge right through to the multiple appliances we offer today.

Truly modern in capability but retro in aesthetic, the new interface affords users a way to engage with Big Chill’s product portfolio prior to purchase. The updated website boasts a plethora of user-centric features, including interactive videos and rotating images available through thoughtfully characterized galleries that bring each product to life in a whole new way. 

Big Chill’s customizable offerings were top of mind in this redesign, and are highlighted through interactive development tools now available at the click of a mouse. These new features capture the brand’s essence through the application of Big Chill hand-drawn, branded icons and fonts seamlessly melding with all screen sizes. From mobile phones to large-format desktop monitors, the latest platform can be engaged from anywhere, providing a more expedient shopping process. Touching upon Big Chill’s e-commerce capabilities, the website’s updated format also allows for faster processing at check-out. 


“We are using the newest tools available in design, as well as a greater range of content options to present our story in different ways,” says Big Chill founder Orion Creamer.  “We are also allowing users to have a more interactive experience so they can really experience the product. The website is an extension of our company’s DNA, so it will always be growing and changing, but most importantly we'll keep it fun, relevant, and interesting for our customers.”

The new platform is designed to evolve with Big Chill’s ever-growing product offerings, most notably the Retro, Pro, and Classic lines, in addition to those to come. History and inspiration are also given a home on the website, with information on how the brand came to be and the passionate designer behind its founding. Presented in an organized manner, the website has been crafted to share not only the products with potential customers but the brand’s fun-loving spirit.