The color pink is incredibly versatile, with the ability to be both fun and cheerful or daring and bold. With so many tones and shades of pink to choose from, it can be incorporated into more spaces than we might realize. The perfect contender for this warm and romantic shade? Your home kitchen, of course! The room where you replenish, nurture and create meaningful memories with the ones you love.

Pink is definitely a color you want to have in your home, representing a soft and charming individual often with a romantic view of life. When the weather warms up, pink is a beautiful, summery color to incorporate into your kitchen. When the weather cools down again? The pops of pink in our kitchens will keep us feeling warm just a little while longer.

If looking to create a serene space, a soft and subtle shade of rose is nurturing and cozy. Feeling adventurous? If looking for a bold pop of color, try decorating your kitchen with a shade of bright, hot pink. Whichever shade you choose, this bold and versatile color can lead to some very sophisticated rooms that are simply bursting with personality.

Summery pink lemonade? Bright and vibrant fuchsia? We've got a big color crush on pink!


Pink Cabinets

Cabinets are responsible for a large part of your kitchen's aesthetic, and can really steal the show when it comes to your kitchen decor.

Planning on cabinets in soft shades of pink? For a bit of contrast, try pairing light cabinets with darker colors like black, navy, or dark gray either on walls, countertops, appliances, or kitchen accessories. Or if painting cabinets a bold shade of pink, neutral shades like brown, light gray, or white will help keep your wilder colors in check.


Pink Walls

While white walls can feel very crisp and clean, they can lack a feeling of warmth or personality. Pink can give the same neutral backdrop of white with just the slightest hint or warmth, making it a space where you can really get comfortable. Painting walls (or even just one wall) in your kitchen pink can give it that little something extra to make it feel different than your average white room, while still leaving you with a calm palette to begin layering other colors onto.

Pink walls in your kitchen look sophisticated when paired with white, gray, or black retro appliances. Or if you're not looking to wash your walls in bright pink tones, try using artwork or picture frames to add quick bursts of color.


Pink Backsplash

Like we've talked about before, backsplashes are a simple and sophisticated way to introduce color into your kitchen. Try pink patterned tiles or colored glass, or pair tiles in various shades with a contrasting pink wall.

Metallics are also a natural complement to softer pinks and can create a very relaxed and beautiful aesthetic. To combine feminine and masculine touches in one space, try the addition of copper or rose gold to your pink-themed backsplash.


Pink Appliances

Colored appliances were popular in homes of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, and have been making a comeback in recent years. If looking for a creative and unique way to introduce color into your kitchen, the addition of a colored appliance is an option to consider. Pink appliances pair well with white, gray, or silver kitchen decor.

Big Chill Retro appliances pair well with numerous kitchen decorating themes, or if looking for a more modern aesthetic Big Chill Pro Line will add an immediate and sophisticated pop of color.

Most of our appliances are offered in over 200 custom shades (Including pink, of course!)


Pink Accessories

Not ready for a big commitment to the color pink? Try adding in a few splashes of pink with kitchen accessories like dishware, textiles, or small appliances like a microwave or electric mixer. The addition of pink kitchenware is a quick and easy way to jazz up any room with delicate pops of color and personality.


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