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With the arrival of summer, you can expect to see warm colors pop up everywhere, from the glowing rays of the sun to the colors of bright summer wildflowers. If looking to introduce summer inspiration into your home, there is no better color than yellow.

Yellow can be as mellow or as vibrant as you want it to be, bringing cheer into neutral or drab settings without any effort. Cozy in the winter and cheerful in the summer, yellow transitions elegantly throughout the seasons. Yellow sets the tone for a warm, cozy room, and can make any space feel more inviting.  

Looking for the perfect color suited just for you? Check out our Custom Color Spectrum with over 200 custom colors. With over 15 custom yellow colors in our custom color collection, we're sure you'll find the perfect shade of yellow to brighten your day. Or brighten up your kitchen, at least!

Buttercup Yellow

One of the nine standard colors in our Retro Collection, Buttercup Yellow is a soft and muted yellow that brightens up any room with a splash of warmth and character. This light yellow is almost reminiscent of a pastel, conjuring up images of retro kitchens that weren't afraid to use color. This charming yellow works well in almost any space and can be the showcase of your kitchen decor without overwhelming the palette.

byu Original
Big Chill Retro Appliances in Buttercup Yellow


Sunflower Yellow

One of the nine standard colors in our Pro Collection, Sunflower Yellow is warm and inviting, instantly warming up any room you use it in and creating a warm and comforting space. This charming yellow pairs well with cool tones like blue, green, or gray.

syy pro 48Big Chill Pro Appliances in Sunflower Yellow


#1023 Traffic Yellow

One of our custom color offerings, Traffic Yellow will certainly live up to its name and stop traffic in your kitchen. This bright and cheerful yellow will catch the eye of anybody who enters your kitchen, making a colorful statement that is impossible to ignore. 

syBig Chill Retro Original Fridge in #1023 Traffic Yellow Traffic Yellow

#1005 Honey Yellow 

This warm and welcoming yellow has organic-brown tones that help it blend seamlessly into your kitchen, remaining muted while still brightening up any space with a glowing pop of color. Honey yellow pairs well with other organic warm tones, like browns, tans, and oranges.honeyy

#1021 English Yellow and #1018 Zinc Yellow

These bright yellow shades are almost neon-like, attracting the eyes of true yellow fans who aren't afraid to showcase a color with this much personality. These bright shades pair well with cool colors, like blue or green, or even with other various warm tones like orange or pink. 1021 English Yellow:1018 Zinc Yellow

#1007 Daffodil Yellow/#1004 Golden Yellow/#1033 Dahlia Yellow/#1017 Saffron Yellow

These Big Chill custom colors are warm and golden, adding a rich layer of color to your kitchen that can be paired with other colors or simply showcased on their own. Pair warm yellows like these with cool colors like blue or green to add a contrast that is unexpected yet complementary. Daffodil:Golden:Dahlia:Saffron

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