Spring is upon us, and with it we welcome seasonal blooms in our gardens and vibrant fields full of colorful wildflowers. Spring is a time of gentle awakening, when all that has slept soundly through the winter is reintroduced into a new season of promise.

With that transition we welcome the soft colors of the season, pale shades that pair well with the mild weather and temperament of spring. These soft colors are the perfect introduction to the bright shades of spring and summer, helping ease us away from winter's muted color palette.

Need a quick and gentle pop of color? Retro appliances in soft pastel colors are not only a nuanced way to introduce color into your kitchen, but are also reminiscent of homes from the 1950's. Retro appliances are a creative way to introduce color into your kitchen, or to simply add a vintage touch to any style of decor.

Spring has sprung, have you caught the fever yet?

Open the windows and let in the fresh air, here are Big Chill Appliances in 6 Classic Spring Colors.


1.) Yellow

Pale yellow is a warm and cheerful color, known to quickly bring happiness and optimism to any decorated space. Pale yellow is a spring appropriate shade, providing a subtle transition into the warm colors of the season and a promise of all things sunny to come. Pale yellow appliances pair well with white, silver, and raw wooden accents.



2.) Jadeite Green

Green is spring, spring is green. For those looking to bring in the bright colors of the season into their kitchen, a colored appliance in a bright shade like jadeite green is a good way to introduce personality into your space without being overwhelming. This refreshing shade looks good when paired with white, silver, or muted tones like gray or charcoal.


3.) Mint Green

Also a spring friendly option, mint green was a popular shade in retro homes of the 1950's. Pastel shades like mint green are both invigorating and soothing, and look good when paired with white cabinets, walls, or with silver accessories.


4.) Pink

Pale pink is a soft and romantic color, adding a sweet and feminine touch to any room it graces. If you are looking to add pink to your kitchen but are cautious about overwhelming guests with a colorful shade, a pink appliance is a more nuanced option.

Pale pink appliances were popular in homes of the 1950s, often accompanied by white, green, or gray decor.


5.) Blue

Blue is a refreshing shade, known to be invigorating to the senses and appeasing to the soul. A pale or light blue is a fitting shade for spring, representative of the blue skies we begin to see when winter weather begins to fade.

If looking to add a bright shade like blue into your kitchen, a colored appliance is an easy way to add a pop of color and personality. Blue in kitchens pairs well with white, gray, or cream colored walls.


6.) White

White is the color equivalent of purity and renewal, and what better way to describe the season of spring? White's clean aesthetic provides the ultimate blank canvas for home decor, and white appliances are a classic addition to any kitchen.

White appliances pair well with numerous colors, like blue, green, yellow, pink, and gray.


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