Looking for a style that is comfortable, warm, and beautiful all at the same time? A country kitchen has historically been the working-horse of the home, and evokes a friendly feeling of a traditional and somewhat simpler life.

One of the main components of a country kitchen is the warm and welcoming feel it brings, and can be accomplished by incorporating a variety of textiles and textures with a color palette that evokes the natural elements of the countryside. A traditional country kitchen is typically centered around a warm and muted color palette, with various pops of color and contrast incorporated in decor and design.

Imagine it now: You're at the sink in your country cottage, the windows open and carrying in the fresh breeze of a spring morning. Your refrigerator is stocked with farm fresh produce, and soon your kitchen will be filled with family, guests, and travelers of the open road. Why do they prefer YOUR kitchen, you ask? Because your country kitchen evokes an essence of warmth and comfort, of course! Providing to be an inviting backdrop for one to take a seat and enjoy a nice cup of tea.

You want a kitchen like that, you say? How does one capture the essence of a country kitchen if merely inspired by the countryside?

If you're looking for a few tips, here are 8 Character Traits of a Classic Country Kitchen


1.) Earthy Colors

The color palette of a traditional country kitchen is soft and subdued, largely because these colors are taken from a provincial landscape. Warm, muted, and earthy tones add warmth and homespun grace to any country kitchen, and serve well on big visual spaces like kitchen cabinets or tile backsplashes.

For a traditional muted and earthy color palette, colors like gray, tan, beige, or light brown are a good direction to start. Country kitchens are also no stranger to deep tones like cabernet, or rich tones like espresso brown or hunter green.


2.) Toile and Floral Prints

Toile fabrics are popular in country kitchens, typically depicting gardens, fountains, farm animals, or quaint birds. Country style is meant to celebrate the nature, animals, and people that bring personality to the countryside life.

Botanical prints are also popular for country kitchen decor, with foliage ranging from perfectly groomed florals to mischievous wildflowers. Toile or floral prints work well on tile backdrops, on upholstered furniture, or on kitchen dish ware and place settings.

3.) Dark Accents

Although most country kitchens are painted in tones of white or cream, dark accents like granite countertops, richly colored appliances, or wrought-iron detailing can provide the perfect contrast to your  country kitchen. Dark wooden floors with wide boards are also popular in both modern and traditional. country kitchens.

4.) Classic Cabinetry

Ornate or glazed cabinetry will instantly polish your country kitchen, resembling furniture and melding form with function. Crown molding that frames the top of a kitchen's cabinetry also adds a traditional element, and is often a component of a French country kitchen.

Skirted cabinetry, particularly under the sink, is also a traditional country style detail and can add an instant rustic look to your kitchen. Center island counters are also common in large country kitchens, providing a gathering place for family and guests to enjoy each others company in the coziest room of the house.

5.) Brass and Copper 

The use of brass or copper elements in your kitchen add an instant touch of sophistication to your home, and work with a variety of color schemes and textures.

Traditionally, the hanging of cookware was a purely functional design, but hanging copper pots for display in your country kitchen can provide a form as gorgeous as it is functional.

Looking to add just a touch of flash? You can also add brushed brass elements to your kitchen appliances with our Classic 1900 Series Stove.

6.) Exposed Wood

It makes sense that a decor style that takes inspiration from natural landscapes would incorporate natural materials into its core design. Wood surfaces are plentiful in country kitchens, and can be showcased in a variety of different ways. Exposed ceiling beams, wooden countertops, or wooden furniture are great ways to add a rustic elements to your home kitchen.

7.) Vintage Accents

A country home reflects years of entertaining and enjoying life, and is warm, cozy, and well utilized. While your vintage elements don't have to steal the show (or be actually vintage), having a few antique touches is an absolute necessity for a traditional country kitchen.

Cast iron or wrought iron accessories are a great touch if looking for a rustic edge, and are well utilized on light fixtures like pendant lanterns or chandeliers. Retro-inspired appliances are also a great way to incorporate something old school into your new kitchen, and classic appliances in white pair well with a simplified country decor scheme.

8.) Pop of Color

There are subtle ways to introduce a pop of color into your country kitchen, like keeping the same warm and muted palette and only adding a contrast for visual interest. A pop of color in a country kitchen creates strong notes of elegance and polish, but still holds true to traditional countryside living.

Country-style kitchens work well when rich with colors like mustard yellow, deep red, olive, or mossy green. Add color by way of a colored appliance, a painted center island counter, or colorful kitchen upholstery.

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