Is your kitchen in need of a facelift? Kitchens can be notoriously costly and difficult to remodel, often known to be exhausting and time-consuming projects. Renovating a kitchen on a budget or with a busy schedule takes a lot of creativity, skill, organization, and commitment. Impossible, however? Hardly, and when you put your creative mind to it all will look and work as intended in the end.

Layouts can be tough to change because of water and energy supplies, and if your home is older they have probably been installed and embedded inside of the walls for a good amount of time. Materials can also be expensive, and the expected price can intimidate those who are looking to avoid a costly remodel.

Looking for some genius kitchen makeover tips? In the age of the internet, there are countless articles online to help you achieve a fabulous DIY remodel for your kitchen, and many of them easy (and even fun!) to create. These simple tips and project ideas might help inspire you to take on the task of remodeling your own beloved kitchen.

You can do it! Here are 8 Achievable Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Facelift.


1.) Make Old Cabinets New Again

Although it can be tempting to completely redo your cabinets when remodeling, cabinets are often the most expensive part of a kitchen facelift. If your cabinets are still in good condition, you might be able to avoid unnecessary expenses by giving them a DIY upgrade. Update their look by painting them a new color, changing the handles, or adding new textures and materials to the existing structure. You can even build your cabinets up to the ceiling to add the illusion of height (and with a bonus of extra storage).


2.) Blend Modern with Vintage

Looking to blend the old with the new? If your kitchen has some vintage elements that you are happy to keep, try to think of themes or decorating styles that match what is already there. Match the colors, textures, or patterns of the new elements to the existing atmosphere of the room to ensure that everything will look cohesive when put together.

Moved into a home with avocado green countertops? A retro design like that would pair nicely with a sleek and modern refrigerator or appliance. Overall, all of your changes should flow nicely into one.


3.) Add a Colorful Appliance

If your kitchen is in need of a new hue but you are looking to avoid any mess or renovation, a colored appliance is a simple way to spruce up your kitchens atmosphere. Big pop of color? Add a refrigerator. Medium pop of color? Add a stove. Small pop of color? A microwave, of course!

With over 200 custom color options, Big Chill's Custom Color Swatch leaves no shade behind.


4.) Keep Your Layout

Although it is natural for you to feel completely fed up with your kitchen’s existing layout, moving water sources or electrical appliances can be expensive and take a long time to complete. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference in the way your kitchen looks, and the right changes can make an old layout feel new again. Add a center island counter or give your cabinets a makeover if your layout is in need of a facelift.


5.) Create Your Own Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands can easily be the centerpiece of a kitchen, but are often expensive to build and install. DIY your own kitchen island by repurposing a piece of furniture, like an old cabinet, dresser, or bookshelf.

Add character to your existing kitchen island by adding planks along the side and corbels under the top.


6.) Create a Backsplash

Changing your kitchen backsplash can make a huge difference, even if everything else remains the same. Although backsplash installations can be costly, there are a lot of ways you can get the look you want without breaking your budget. Stick-on tiles are an easy DIY option, or you can polish and paint your current backsplash (even adding painted faux-brick for effect).


7.) DIY Countertops

Replacing your countertops is another feature that can interfere with your budget, however some materials fair well when given a DIY facelift. Good polishing and painting can do wonders, allowing you to easily have a countertop that looks like it's made from concrete or marble. Feeling creative with your painting skills? You can create this faux-effect on any surface by by polishing it to create the right texture and then adding some high shine paint.


8.) Switch Up Kitchen Lighting

Overhead fixtures are a staple of modern kitchen lighting, however this kind of lighting can be expensive to acquire, replace, and install. Traditional pendant lights or chandeliers are much less expensive, and usually have the advantage of being easier to DIY. You can use smaller pendant lights over the kitchen sink or under the cabinets to bring some focused light to the area, as well as adding decorative elements and character.


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