As the hub of your household (and favorite room of the house), a small kitchen can easily attract clutter. Efficient organization is key, and an efficient layout is even more paramount for a kitchens atmosphere and success. Everything in a small kitchen must earn its keep, and elements are needed to work double-duty instead of serving only one purpose.

Ever heard of too many cooks in the kitchen spoiling the broth? When your prep space is no larger than a closet, your kitchen must be orderly, minimal, and hardworking all at once. To ensure that your small kitchen doesn't feel cramped, the first key is to think like a minimalist and whittle your culinary collection down to your favorite necessities. Once you have eliminated the non-essentials in your home, you can make the most of your cabinetry and counter space with a few tips and tricks for a small (yet cozy) kitchen.

Your kitchen is small, yes, but it is always inviting. Whether your kitchen is 20 square feet or 100 square feet, there are great solutions for a tight space with limited extra storage.

Open shelving? Slim refrigerators? Glass doors?  You've got options. Here are 7 Design Tips for a Small and Sophisticated Kitchen.


1.) Smart Shelving

When giant cabinets are towering overhead, tiny kitchens can feel claustrophobic. Unless you are a dedicated cook with many ingredients to store, you can trade the top cupboards of your kitchen for open storage. Open storage options include open shelving, pot racks, spice holders, or magnetic surfaces. Your kitchen will look more spacious and feel more organized when your favorite dishes, pots and pans, or decorative accessories are purposely on display.


2.) Glass or Mirrors

Looking to visually expand your kitchen? Try incorporating glass by adding a glass counter, tabletop, door cabinets, or kitchen doors. Mirrors strategically placed around the room will also lighten up the look, reflecting the illusion of a much bigger space. Antiqued mirrored glass on cabinet doors will also enlarge a small kitchen.

Need a pop of flash? Mirrored or glass tile work well in kitchen backsplashes, like behind your stovetop or kitchen sink.


3.) Slim Appliances

A small kitchen can't accommodate what some larger kitchens can, making function the main focus of layout and design. Make sure you have all of the appliances and work areas you need, as a small kitchen's main chore is meal preparation.

You can save space by using smaller-scale appliances, like the Big Chill Slim Refrigerator or the Big Chill Retro Induction CooktopWhen not in use, an electric cooktop can double as extra countertop space.

4.) Color

The color of walls, cupboards, counters, and appliances can change the perceived size of a small kitchen. Pastels or soft shades will reflect light and draw the eye up, which can make ceilings appear higher. Pops of bold color can be very effective in smaller kitchens, giving the atmosphere an instant boost in personality.

Looking to keep things simple? Painted cabinets in white are a timeless choice, and can make small kitchens look twice as big. Alternatively, painting cabinets a sleek color like black or charcoal gray can make a small space look polished and sophisticated. Whether you opt for light or dark is all up to your taste and the space you have to work with.


5.) Stacked Cabinetry

Not into open shelving? Stacked cabinetry is an efficient option, and can add period charm to a small kitchen where space is tight.  If your ceilings are high, add stacked cabinetry all the way to the ceiling. Stacked cabinetry can not only provide a good amount of extra storage space, but also look more like furniture rather than a place to simply stack dishes.


6.) Flooring

Flooring in a small kitchen is important, as the eye usually goes straight to the floor when a person first walks into a room. Try linoleum in a checkerboard pattern for a fairly inexpensive option, or match monochrome cabinets to an eye-catching tile with a complex pattern.

Expensive tastes? Since square footage is small, you might even be able to splurge for more expensive materials like marble or hardwood.


7.) Lighting

A small kitchen requires a combination of two types of lighting; lighting with function and lighting with atmosphere. Install lighting under base cabinetry for countertop lighting, or install pendant lights above the sink or in the eating area for added drama.


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