Your cabinets are the bones of your kitchen, and we all know that kitchens are so much more than just where we prepare our meals. The kitchen is a command center, being the place in the house where we go to replenish, refuel, and refresh. Our refrigerators are full of the supplies we need to help keep us healthy, our freezers are full of the supplies we need to keep us cool.

Our kitchen cabinets? They stay full with everything in between.

What stays concealed behind the doors of our kitchen cabinets? What stays stacked on the shelves? Cabinets are typically full of ingredients, tools, and supplies to help bring any culinary vision into creation. They are an important staple of the kitchen, meaning that they deserve a little TLC if they've become outdated or worn. All of your spices and sugars have to be concealed somewhere, and your grandmothers hand-me-down coffee cups deserve to have a safe and nestled home. It might as well be in a set of cabinets you love!

Your kitchen cabinets are prime real estate when looking to redesign your culinary space. If you're looking for a way to spruce up your kitchen, but looking to avoid the cost and mess of a cabinet overhaul, try one of these easy cabinet upgrades. These simple tips can give your kitchen an instant burst of personality, adding style and functionality for a fraction of the cost of new cabinet installation.

Ready for a change? Here are 6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Kitchen Cabinets.


1.) Painted Cabinets

A cabinet makeover doesn't necessarily mean replacing your existing cabinets with all-new ones. If the frames and doors of your kitchen cabinets are structurally sound, you can revamp what is already there with a little sanding, elbow grease, and a few coats of paint. Painting your cabinets can be just what the doctor ordered if your cabinets look tired, and this project will transform your kitchen in just a fraction of what a new set of cabinets would cost.

Mix up the colors on your upper and lower cabinets to add richness and depth to any kitchen. Neutral colors, like white or light gray, can instantly brighten what was once a dark, cavelike room. Try pairing neutral cabinet colors with a darker accent wall for a sophisticated and timeless contrast.

Looking for a drop of drama? Dark cabinets pair well with crisp white walls, looking particularly complimentary when paired with marble countertops and modern appliances.

Love a pop of color? Pair colored cabinets with complimentary colors in neutral shades and top off the look with a classic retro appliance.


2.) New Hardware

Seems simple, but a fresh set of knobs or pulls can be one of the quickest fixes for cabinets that just aren't satisfactory. Classic metals like silver or bronze are a timeless choice for kitchen cabinets, or look for handcrafted glass or metal in a variety of shapes and patterns. Cabinets looking a little plain? Simple white or wooden cabinets take on a whole new personality with a vibrant set of new hardware.


3.) Crown Molding

If your cabinets are solid in structure but unremarkable in appearance, you can create an instant high-end look by adding extra height with crown molding. This sophisticated trim will transform your kitchen storage into one seamless design, adding extra personality to your existing cabinetry. So chic!


4.) Island Counter

kitchen island is positioned to be in the direct center of your kitchen, naturally becoming the focal point of the space.  They are powerful workhorses, providing room for added storage and countertop workspace. They are also a terrific way to spruce up your kitchen, either by installing one or by redesigning your current kitchen island

Paint your island cabinets in coordinating colors to your main cabinets, or use a different shade for an unexpected pop of color and contrast. An all-white kitchen looks sophisticated with paired with a contrasting island counter in pretty much any shade. Add in a matching colored appliance and you might be able to skip artwork altogether!


5.) Open Shelving or Glass Doors

You can lighten up a heavy, closed-off kitchen by converting your ordinary cabinets to open shelving. An open-shelf concept can be applied to any kitchen and is the perfect way to open up a space that previously felt cramped or compact. Convert cabinets to open shelving for any dishes you intend to keep on display, then keeping a traditionally closed cabinet or two for kitchenware you would rather keep out of sight.

Planning on keeping your existing cabinet structure? Switch up the look and lighten up space by attaching glass doors to your cabinetry. Glass cabinets are a sophisticated and timeless look that will compliment a variety of kitchen decor, ranging from modern to retro.


6.) Add a Plate Rack

Whether choosing to keep your dishes concealed behind closed doors or displaying them with open shelving, a plate rack is a handy addition to any kitchen. If you've got a set of plates worth showing off, a plate rack helps free up precious storage space and will put any plates on display that you find worthy. Plus if your plates are vibrant and interesting, the sophisticated arrangement will add a subtle splash of color to your kitchen.


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